I wish to give everyone a huge thanks for all the work that has been put into the project, and especially the players who have been enjoying our work. We hope you all continue to enjoy our silly little project and I hope to see you in-game soon!
~ Reagy - Project Lead

Thank you Technochips for the embedded server list ~

[ 🧙 The Wizardy of MERASMUS! JENKINS! 🧙 ~ 👻 The Spookalicious House of Terrors Update 👻 ]

Cough- anyway hi hello! halloween be upon ye! this is a rather small-ish update but it's packed FULL of FUN!
As usual, we have a good bunch of new maps, weapons and balance changes in store for you.. with a spooky twist!
And so without a further ado, let's take a look at what will be changing on the balancing front in this event!

	:: Scout:: 

Questionably Authentic Shååk:
	- Moved to secondary slot 
	- Now deals 3 damage but deals bleed over 4 seconds 
	- Added 5 seconds of marking yourself for death on a successful hit

Wonder's Note: I know I wanted this thing to be a practical joke but maybe it was (too) practical...
Alright so the shark now deals actual plushie-grade impact damage but the emotional damage is the bleedin'

	:: Soldier:: 

	- Removed damage penalty
	- Removed overheal penalty 

Wonder's Note: Aight it really doesn't need these in all honestly, so let's just throw them out.

Grim Charger: 
	- Downgraded melee damage crits user on wearer to mini-crits on active

Wonder's Note: Welp that was a tad too overkill, let's lower this downside a bit and see how it goes.

	:: Pyro :: 

All Custom Flamethrowers: 
	- Fixed an issue of where the fire loop audio wasn't being used 

Wonder's Note: Interesting issue I spotted when designing the Oil Baron's Caretaker - The custom flamers used the wrong loop audio!
So now it's been fixed, all custom flamethrowers now have distinct looping flame noises! 

Flare Launcher: 
	- Reduced fire rate even further 

Wonder's Note: This fire rate is now on par with the rocket launcher, we'll see if this has much of any impact.
It should do as it's another noticable nerf but should be the last one this thing needs...

Searing Sanctifier: 
	- Now has horizontal spread 
	- Modified shot properties*
		*now fires 20 pellets instead of 33 but deals more damage per pellet, this is an overall net nerf to damage output.

Wonder's Note: Tweaks to this weapon, this will be amusing... Horizontal spread allows it to really hone in on it's 
intended multi-hit crowd control potential and the shot properties should help reduce fps issues on low-end PCs.

Grimm Omen: 
	- Removed critboost on kill
	- Removed swing speed penalty 
	- Added an attribute that grants your next swing after a melee hit to be a guaranteed critboost
	- Added 100% slower holster time penalty 
	- Reduced move speed bonus to 20% (from 30%)

Wonder's Note: I wanted this weapon to be a mobility tool first while still maintaining some serious killing power.
Now this weapon will be a very brutal punisher for any melee subclasses that dare try their wit against you... yikes.

	:: Demoman :: 

	- Resurrected from the dead and reworked 

Wonder's Note: Not considering it a new weapon because it had only been out the game for one update...
Brought it back as a weapon for the high-skill demomen among us, myself included.

Frag Master: 
	- Removed hidden 90% self blast damage resistance

Wonder's Note: Uh yea this was a thing that I forgor about so it can no longer have this..

Combat Control: 
	- Completely reworked

Wonder's Note: I give up with this thing, so it's time to completely re-make the whole weapon.
Now it's basically an explosive dart shotgun with firepower to genuinely contend with the stocky sticky launcher (fun!)

Hard-Hitting Hardware: 
	- Increased bleed duration to 3 seconds (from 2)
	- Decreased reload speed by 20%

Wonder's Note: Felt a bit too spammy so I kinda wanna dial that back a tad bit so it isn't completely overwhelming.
Slower reloads but as a little bit of a buff you get 8 extra damage from bleed, sounds good?

All Demoknight Melee: 
	- Removed health penalties 

Wonder's Note: This wasn't the right approach to dealing with demoknight, it just kinda ruins it.
So 200 hp demoknight is now back, to put it simply.

	:: Heavy ::

Dirty Bomb: 
	- Increased damage by ~55% 
	- Added no damage fall-off on direct hits

Wonder's Note: AGH WHOOPS- I kinda killed this thing and forgot to fix it before 6.1's release guhhhhhhhhhh
Alright it's viable now I swear aaaaaa

Reagy's Note: IT BETTER BE.

Stand Proud: 
	- Removed the jojo cosmetic set

Wonder's Note: Caused incredible amounts of clipping with the primary weapon cosmetics sets so unfortunately it's had to go.

	:: Engineer ::

Mann Beer: 
	- Removed 

Wonder's Note: Sorry Majro but this is too exploitable and said exploits can't fixed because you can't fix people's brains.
This was doomed to fail and everyone can be happy to see it gone.

Reagy's Note: ;-;

Augmentation: Control Freak
	- Reverted fire rate nerf 

Wonder's Note: Removing hulls did a lot of damage to this weapon and the fire rate nerf was too much.
Walking back the fire rate nerf should put this back into a competitive spot again..

Attitude Adjuster: 
	- Increased damage dealt at max fall-off to 6 (from 4) 

Wonder's Note: Simple buff to make it a little easier to secure long-range kills... if you're dumb enough to go for them.

Nail Storm: 
	- Now uses metal as ammo
	- Each shot costs 5 metal 

Wonder's Note: Now here's now we nerf this weapon while still making it somewhat usable.
Now you have to use your precious metal to fire this thing...

	- Reverted damage buff in v6

Wonder's Note: Ehhh yea not necessary now that people have proven it doesn't need it...

	:: Medic ::

Medical Administration: 
	- Increasing healing per shot by 50% 
	- Added 50% Ubercharge rate penalty 

Wonder's Note: This thing apparently builds uber like.. forget it, it's dumb.
So we're going to up it's utility as a healing item but massively cripple it's uber-building ability.

Forensic Fugitive: 
	- Modified launch properties so it will now actually throw you forward when you press the fire button*
		*remember that moving forward will increase your launch distance! oh and running backwards won't work anymore either

Wonder's Note: Did some tweaking to this so it now performs more consistently and doesn't require soldier monkey brain to work.
Easier to use, more effective results, bazinga.

Booster Shot: 
	- Increased ubercharge rate penalty from overhealed patients to 50% (from 10%)

Wonder's Note: This accidental buff to the Booster Shot proved why this thing had such a high penalty to begin with.
Now the balance of uber build time and ubercharge duration should now be slanted more towards uber build time...

	- Added no random crits

Wonder's Note: Hate Ubersaw in live and I hate it here, so it's getting no random crits because damn does medic get random crits
like a lot!

	:: Sniper ::

Combat Rifle: 
	- Increased damage by 20%
	- Reduced recoil by ~40%

Wonder's Note: Nothing to say, just kinda needed it.

	- Increased hipfire damage by 25%
	- Increased headshot damage by ~11%
	- Reduced distance which fall-off starts by 20%

Wonder's Note: Nothing to say, also needed it (tip: tap-fire when aiming~)

Poacher's Pride: 
	- Reduced recoil by ~80%

Wonder's Note: Let's see how much this helps people land headshots.. or just hits in general.
Not much to say here, just easier to use...

Executive's Dealbreaker: 
	- Reduced recoil by 90%

Wonder's Note: A bit too much in all honesty, kinda makes landing shots hard for some reason..

Hunter Killer: 
	- Increased spread by ~30%
	- Increased fire rate by 10%

Wonder's Note: Well, let's see how these changes perform.. less effective over range but better damage output.

	- Removed headshot damage reduction
	- Increased fall-off range by 33% 

Wonder's Note: More damage and more damage over distance, sounds good yea? alright we gucci then.

Huntsman & Modified Compound: 
	- Reverted damage nerfs they acquired during V6.1 

Wonder's Note: Yea people didn't like these, figures.

	- Tripled ammo capacity 

Wonder's Note: I get that I wanted this to have rather scarce ammo supply to make each dart count but.. it doesn't pan out.
So now it holds 15 darts, since you're not going to be using this all the time anyway..

	- Doubled max range before detonation 
	- Doubled explosion radius 

Wonder's Note: Simple buff to this device to make it more usable

	:: Spy ::


	:: Miscellaneous ::

A whole dictionary's worth of QoL changes, let's see if you spot any!