I wish to give everyone a huge thanks for all the work that has been put into the project, and especially the players who have been enjoying our work. We hope you all continue to enjoy our silly little project and I hope to see you in-game soon!
~ Reagy - Project Lead

Thank you Technochips for the embedded server list ~

[ The Warpath of Wonders ~ Contractual Killers "Specialist Assignments" Update - Developer and Patch Notes]

After one rather amusing summer, it's time to simmer down and get back into the more usual weather eh?
Jokes asides, this update is a big one as well considering we've pretty much reworked sniper completely.
Get ready because this is gonna be a pretty big sandbox shake-up, again.

Now, let's get to those patch notes!

Sniper has had his entire primary weapon arsenal re-done from the ground up.
The Sniper Rifle has been completely removed and replaced by two new "stock" primaries, each with their own pros and cons, we hope this will bring a better spin onto Sniper's new "recon" focus.

Assault Rifle: low-medium damage weapon with all-round consistent and reliable performance, capable of aiming for increased accuracy.
Carbine: medium damage weapon with high accuracy and range, capable of aiming for increased accuracy.

As well as this, Sniper will now have 150 health by default instead of 125 (the bows will bring you back to 125 hp though).

	:: Multi-Class :: 

Festive Twig:
	- Complete rework
	Provide on active:
		- Drop a small health kit on kill
		- 20% damage penalty 
		- No random crits

Wonder's Note: Apparently this was a decision reagy and clue agreed to like 5 months ago?? We need better communication I swear...
Either way twig now a bit more unique I guess? btw no more crits or mini-crits against twig users..

	:: Scout:: 

	- Removed 

Wonder's Note: Very unfun to fight against and since the rework didn't work (plus we don't need a million scatterguns)
It's gone, and most likely will never return either.

Speedster's Six Shooter: 
	- Reload speed has been increased by ~10%
	- Added double misc ammo bonus 

Wonder's Note: People are still complaining about this thing's reload which while still janky, isn't intolerable.
And since the Runt is now gone, might as well let this inherit the 2-coffee.. strat.. thing 

Timeless Terrorizer: 
	- Reduced reload speed bonus to 10% (from 33%)
	- Reduced fall-off distance by 33% 

Wonder's Note: Too effective over range and the high reload speed gave the weapon a very high effective fire rate.
Cutting this down should fix both issues without making the gun terrible.

Rifleman's Runt: 
	- Re-introduced with a complete overhaul

Wonder's Note: Decided to come back to this and re-do the entire subclass from scratch.
Now it feels more scout-like while still maintaining the whole factor of "oh hey you have a rifle instead of a shotgun"

Fight Finisher: 
	- Removed 

Wonder's Note: Rather lame pistol that wasn't of high quality to begin with, nobody should miss this thing.

Protonium Ray-Caster: 
	- Reworked and placed onto engineer as a secondary 

Wonder's Note: This gun was way too big and bulky for scout's hands so.. it's going to engineer where it was intended.
Engineer will have quite a fun new toy to play with by the looks of it.

Throwing Knives: 
	- Added 3 seconds of bleed
	- Reduced damage by 25%
	- Reduced knives carried by 50% 
	- Reduced velocity by ~33%
	- Significantly reduced rate of fire 

Wonder's Note: These things were sleeping demons waiting to be awakened and dear god are they horrible to fight against.
A good string of nerfs will keep these in check, I hope.

Meatshot Eater: 
	- Removed move speed penalty
	- Removed spread penalty 

Wonder's Note: People actually like this bloody thing? eugh. Fine I guess I'll actually buff it then.
Two strong penalties have been cut off the weapon, should now make it viable.

Express Coffee: 
	- Increased healing to 100 (from 36)
	- Increased speed boost duration to 6 seconds (from 5)
	- Now provides medium health pack healing (instead of small health pack)

Wonder's Note: The lack of being good at anything really hurt this item a lot, so let's buff it up a tad.
Now it's a better healing item and you can run faster for a bit longer, sounds neat? good.

Flashy Fox: 
	- Reduced move speed bonus to 5% (from 20%)
	- Reduced jump height bonus to 15% (from 40%)

Wonder's Note: Yeea nope that's a bit too much mobility. Can't exactly remove this item because it's Reagy's holy grail so
I'll have to just actually try and balance it instead.

Reagy's Note: Not exactly sure agree with this as the whole point was to have a huge mobility boost and give up being able
to hold the objective on CTF, this reduction essentially makes that downside even worse than it already was. Might remove
the ability to not carry flags in the future from it as already giving up your primary when using it.

Knuckle Sandvich: 
	- Removed 

Wonder's Note: Dumb and the first person model was completely fucked, no purpose for it to remain.

Thirst for Blood: 
	- Removed 

Wonder's Note: Profoundly painful to fight against, scout knight is a very bad idea and should never be re-implemented.

Boston Brutalizer: 
	- Removed
Wonder's Note: Also painful to fight against thanks to scout's high speed, we only need one damage melee as well so this is gone.

	- Reduced blast vulnerability to 20% (from 25%)
	- Added no random crits

Wonder's Note: While not a bad weapon per say, people were dissuaded from using this because of the extreme blast weakness.
Now it's more forgiving however you can no longer one shot most classes with a random crit.

Risky Razors: 
	- Increased health from packs when weapon is active to 100% (from 33%)
	- Added 67% reduced overheal when weapon is active
	- Added 60% reduced healing from packs 
Wonder's Note: Whoops removing a crippling downside was not a clever idea aha.
Now with these changes, you'll have to think more carefully about how you use this weapon.

Un-Chained Fury: 
	- Reduced increased crit chance to 25% (from 50%)
	- Added 67% less overheal while active 

Wonder's Note: It's a good bat but honestly could use a bit more drawbacks, so this'll be a good start.

	:: Soldier:: 

Flak Vest: 
	- Removed 

Wonder's Note: This might catch me some flak but uh yea no this is a useless item and power classes can't afford to trade what
makes them good for a stupid shirt that makes their secondaries slightly stronger, especially one as important as soldier.

Maniac's Burster: 
	- Removed 

Wonder's Note: Rather dumb weapon that will basically be forever unbalanced by design, plus we have more than enough
rocket launchers as is, so bye-bye you won't be missed~

	- Removed custom stats

Wonder's Note: good effort but honestly no.

	- Removed no damage fall-off

Close Encounter: 
	- Removed fires both barrels at once 
	- Removed spread penalty
	- Increased visual recoil
	- Reduced max damage to 125 (from 167)
	- Added 50% damage bonus to buildings

Wonder's Note: Yea no this type of design doesn't work in a team shooter at all.
With some tweaks, this will now be a pretty formidable weapon and will hurt.

Combatant Directive: 
	- Lowered tracking accuracy 

Wonder's Note: HELL NO REAGY.

Reagy's Note: Noclue was the cause of the 100% tracking previously, don't look at me :)

	- Added 2 rockets instantly reloaded on kill
	- Added 80% less health from medics 
	- Added 50% less overheal on wearer
	- Added 20% damage penalty

Wonder's Note: Eh this weapon's getting thrown around a bit but I think I've finally found it's true purpose.
Now with this rocket launcher, you become the opposite of a medic's boyfriend, you go alone to wreck havoc like a true hunter.

Moon Shot: 
	- Applied the same penalties from the Lunarian Landers to this weapon 
	- Removed blast jump force reduction 

Wonder's Note: It's a pretty funky weapon but I do agree that the Landers have the appropriate downsides for a weapon like this.
Nothing else to say...

BAR Fighter: 
	- Significantly reduced self-knockback

Wonder's Note: Helps manage aim when firing in full-auto, should hopefully help the weapon be more accurate and less disorienting.

Bilbo-Baggin's Bazooka: 
	- Soft rework 
	> Now functions more akin to the Beggar's Bazooka with some interesting quirks 

Wonder's Note: Current concept is funny but exactly one that works, so let's dial it up a little.
Now you can fire off a barrage of 3 rockets that deal increased damage over range.

Gorey Gladiator: 
	- Reduced health regen to 60 per second (from 100)*
	* This means you gain 15 health per second initially instead of 25.
	- Reduced move speed bonus to 10% (from 25%)
	- Changed the rage mechanic to now use a speed boost instead of mini-crits 

Wonder's Note: OH BOY LET THE BLOOD FLOW! Gladiator in general will now be easier to kill and slower but that rage mechanic
will be NASTY. I'm very curious to see how this goes aha.

Centurion Command: 
	- Increased point capture value to 3 (from 2)

Wonder's Note: With the power shift in this sandbox plus centurion no longer being as powerful in general, we're putting this back to x3
That way while centurion suffers in durability and melee combat, it still has it's support value.

Ten-Gauge Terror: 
	- Reduced fire rate penalty to 10% (from 33%)
	- Removed mini-crit boost on kill
	- Replaced 20% weapon switch speed penalty with 15% slower deploy speed penalty 
	- Added mini-crits versus enemies launched by blast jumps and jump pads

Wonder's Note: Since the damage boost doesn't make up for the pretty severe cut in this weapon's DPS, we're bringing the
fire rate penalty down. Now THIS will be interesting, especially with the fact it's now a stronger reserve shooter.

Second Amendment: 
	- Reduced spread by ~49%
	- Removed instant reload on kill

Wonder's Note: Bit too inaccurate for what it's worth, this will make it quite a close-mid range monster now.

Gaelic Gat: 
	- Removed 

Wonder's Note: Soldier is a frontline class, why does he want or need a sapper-breaking melee for?
(if you remember the nuke crisis, you're an OG.)

	- Removed 

Wonder's Note: Worthless melee, existed for some dumb reason that's not justifiable.

Grim Charger: 
	- Added instant reload on hit
	- Removed heal on kill
	- Removed crits on kill 
	- Increased melee damage penalty to receive crits (instead of mini-crits)

Wonder's Note: GET BACK TO FIGHTING MAGGOT! the crits on kill on this weapon were really out of place and dumb, I'm sorry.
Now it should offer more utility than before, but we'll see about that.

Maggot Mutilator: 
	- Removed damage bonus 

Wonder's Note: Contigency plan to keep soldierknight in check, simple as.

Brute Basher: 
	- Added provide on active

Wonder's Note: This was removed for some reason, must've been an oversight from me whoops

	:: Pyro :: 

Makeshift Mutilator: 
	- Removed 

Wonder's Note: Budget phlog not a good idea, phlog in general is a fucking horrible idea.
This kind of item will never be repeated again, you have my apologies for this one.

Malicious Multi-Tool (both primary and melee):
	- Removed 

Wonder's Note: It was a neat idea but the models suck and the overall gameplay loop is something that pyro does already.
It didn't really change how you play pyro enough to justify keeping them.

Solar Flare: 
	- Increased reload time by ~33%

Wonder's Note: It's a bit of a fast reload for how surprisingly deadly and spammable this thing is.
So we'll just cut it back quite a bit.

Flare Launcher: 
	- New model and animations
	- Removed fire rate and reload speed bonuses 
	- Increase mag capacity to 6 (from 5) 

Wonder's Note: Just some adjustments to this to make it better fit the new model and animations it's acquired.
Overall not really a nerf nor a buff, just a minor re-balance? should still be a strong pyro primary.

Household Blazer: 
	- Removed on active 
	- Increased damage penalty to 20% (from 15%)
	- Added 200% increased ammo consumption 

Wonder's Note: Gives the weapon a bit more flexibility however your w+m1 gets hurt quite a bit more on this weapon.
Curious to see how this works given all afterburn will now heal you.

Titanium Torcher: 
	- Removed life-steal
	- Removed damage resistance on dealing damage
	- Increased damage by 50% 
	- Reduced move speed penalty to 10% (from 20%)
	- Increased move speed while spinning up by ~75% 

Wonder's Note: Not the right direction I want to go with this tbh so let's change things up.
Now it should be a more flexible weapon overall, but we'll see how that goes won't we?

Napalm Blaster: 
	- Increased reload time by ~15%

Wonder's Note: Pretty potent pyro primary now, so let's make sure people have a wider opening to kill a pyro when they have no mag left.

Chemical Catastrophe: 
	- Removed afterburn damage penalty 
	- Reduced afterburn duration penalty to 50% (from 67%)
	- Added 33% switch speed bonus

Wonder's Note: This weapon is decent but could use some help to buff it up a tad more.
Now you can switch to your secondary and melee faster for combos...

Fourth Degree Devastator: 
	- Doubled starting clip size and max clip size 
	- Reduced damage by ~25%
	- Added mini-crits versus burning players 
	- Removed damage penalty versus burning players

Wonder's Note: Alright this should do the trick, right? 
We'll see I suppose.

Searing Skewer: 
	- Removed 

Wonder's Note: Majro decided to give up on this and therefore it's gone, super sad like but it was just too functionally broken.

Homebrew Shot-Glasser: 
	- Removed 

Wonder's Note: A neat idea but serves no purpose anymore, so out it goes.

	- Removed 

Wonder's Note: The Twin-Barrel is such a force to be reckoned with that no other double barrel has a chance of competing with it.
Prosecutor is now gone and most likely will never return.

	- Soft rework 
	> Now deals much more damage in close range but has sharper fall-off, comes with slower projectiles, reload time and less AoE

Wonder's Note: why use any other secondary when you have full AoE fire with this fucking thing?
This thing was long overdue for something to make it less bullshit and actually.. somewhat fun to use?

Arsonists' Highlighter: 
	- Increased damage by ~52%

Wonder's Note: Weak.. so damn weak man.. whoops~ at least now it should be a decent and forgiving finishing tool.
As well as having the main focus on harassing medics, lots of them.

Thermal Thruster: 
	- Reduced launch force by ~40%

Wonder's Note: Probably way too high for what pyro is as a class, meant you could just avoid flanking in general.
Not really ideal considering pyro is meant to be good up close and this item bypasses pyro's main weakness entirely.

Glacial Gouger: 
	- Removed 

Wonder's Note: With the two only weapons this item could synergise with being removed, there's no point keeping this either.

Buzz-Killing Machine: 
	- Reduced damage bonus to 54% (from 80%)

Wonder's Note: A bit too much on the damage lol, let's turn that back a little bit.

Clean Sweep: 
	- Added 5% move speed bonus 
	- Added 20% faster switch speed

Wonder's Note: By popular request due to the removal of the multi-tool, this weapon will now grant a passive move speed bonus.
Not much to say I suppose, just gives it more utility than funny broom go yeet.

	- Removed sentry damage resistance 
	- Removed fire rate penalty 

Wonder's Note: Aight this thing doesn't need these two to be honest, so they're outta here.

	:: Demoman :: 

	- Removed 

Wonder's Note: Nobody uses these.

Reagy's Note: Already got Gunboats and those are rarely used too.. but they're a Classic core item so they'll stick around.

	- Removed 

Wonder's Note: Another controversial choice but the Double-Tap obsoletes this thing in every way possible, so don't try to argue with me.

Trench Breaker: 
	- Removed 

Wonder's Note: Several reworks later and this gun is just not going to work at all, so out it goes.

	- Removed custom stats

Wonder's Note: Quake balance doesn't work here, simple pimple.

Frag Master: 
	- Removed damage penalty 
	- Removed projectile speed penalty 

Wonder's Note: Oh boy crowd control is to fucking back!!! Eh we'll see.
But this will definitely now be a good primary to use with a non-sticky launcher secondary..

Ol' Brimstone: 
	- Completely reworked 

Wonder's Note: Used Azzy's 2.1 cut version of this as a basis for the rework, it's certainly amusing.

Caber Toss: 
	- Reworked by Majro

Wonder's Note: Egh this wasn't as funny nor as useful as I thought and Majro came up with something new for his fancy throwing toy.
So let's see how this goes.

Big Ol' Bouncing Betty:
	- Removed 

Wonder's Note: Welp this is going to end my friendship with someone but this is pretty unjustifiable conceptually and can't be fixed either.
So it's going out the window, never to return.

Reagy's Note: JUST 👏 USE 👏 THE 👏 SMALLER 👏 BOMBS.

Combat Control: 
	- Reduced self knockback by 67%
	- Significantly increased knockback given to enemies
	- Reduced spread by ~33%
	- Increased damage by ~20%

Wonder's Note: Well this is pretty rough isn't it, so let's help it out a tad.
Now you have more accuracy and stronger knockback, so let's see how that helps.

Tide Turner: 
	- Removed mini-crits on charge
	- Added damage resistance while charging

Wonder's Note: Mini-crits were egregious due to them bleeding over onto the grenade launchers.
With this, you now have more safety while charging.

Hell Barrier: 
	- Remade into the Bobby's Bashin' Shield
	- Reduced bash damage to 90 (from 100)

Wonder's Note: Bad model tbh and since we removed the marauder's axe, might as well cut this out as well.
Now it's a police riot shield!

Scottish Handshake: 
	- Gives you full health on consumption
	- Removed small healthpack when dropped penalty
	- Added 15% damage vulnerability on wearer

Wonder's Note: This funny rum bottle has had a slight rebalance, should now be less annoying but ehhh I dunno, seems sketchy.

Drunkard Brawling: 
	- Removed 

Wonder's Note: Nah, also just another dumb fists thing that serves no real purpose.

Marauder's Axe: 
	- Removed 

Wonder's Note: Pretty blegh looking model and we have so many demoknight melees to begin with, not necessary to have this.

Trench Shank: 
	- Removed damage bonus 

Wonder's Note: Contingency plan to keep demoknight in check post-rework.

Bobby's Baton: 
	- Replaced crits on kill with life-steal on hit
	- Added mark for death while active
	- Removed no random crits 

Wonder's Note: Simple enuff, nothing more to say here.

Kingslayer, Crown Crusher, Battle axe and Langshnekt's Long-knife: 
	- Reworked completely 

Wonder's Note: as an effort to make demoknight more less and less annoying, we've gone and tweaked up these melee items.
Hopefully they should be less effective overall but make more sense to use with demoknight as well.

Unusual Tale of Tragedy: 
	- Removed move speed penalty 

Wonder's Note: Didn't make much sense and was a bit of a heavy downside considering the melee-only curse.
Curious to see how this goes.

	:: Heavy ::

Stock Minigun: 
	- Now fires a tracer for every bullet fired 

Wonder's Note: Purely cosmetic change, just makes all of heavy's bullets have tracers when fired
(Resulting in a terrifying visual bullet hell effect...)

	- Removed 

Wonder's Note: Not much purpose for this to exist sadly, maybe it'll come back in the future? we'll see..

Reagy's Note: Don't really agree with this removal as it was a nice unique niche fitting item.
If there's enough feedback wanting it to show up again it likely will.

	- Removed 

Wonder's Note: A dumb gun that can't be balanced conceptually, model also seems to cause lag issues of some sort? it's gone now.
Cerberus can't hurt you anymore.

Reagy's Note: Brrrr out brrrr'd the brrrr, can no longer brrrr, rip.

Soviet Strength: 
	- Removed 

Wonder's Note: I'm done with this, I give up. Auto-cannons will not work on heavy.
So yea, no more of these stupid things anymore.. good riddance???

Assault Doctrine: 
	- Removed 

Wonder's Note: Now I understand why valve scrapped the ludmila concept, heal on hit miniguns are practically impossible to balance.
Heavy's key weakness is his dependancy on healing and if he can provide sustained healing to himself.. he gets busted fast.

Dirty Bomb: 
	- Completely reworked 

Wonder's Note: After thinking about it, we can make this work with better mechanics so it's less jank.
Now it's just better mechanically and feels better.

Reagy's Note: Either love it, or hate it. Its like marmite.

Assault Cannon: 
	- Removed fire rate bonus
	- Now fires a tracer for every bullet fired

Wonder's Note: Removed this because it's unnecessary and cancels out the damage penalty 

Tank Duty: 
	- Increased critical damage resistance to 50% (from 33%)
	- Reverted back to pure health bonuses (from using resistances)
	- Removed medic healing penalty 
	- Added no overheal 

Wonder's Note: So here we go, you can be an even better tank with a medic up your ass. Just like how it's supposed to work, yea?
We'll see how this pans out but I'm curious if this'll finally make this a top-tier item.

Slightly Immovable W.A.L.L:
	- Completely reworked 

Wonder's Note: Now that we have a riot shield item class, this weapon has had a complete make-over from the ground up.
Now any damage taken from the front is blocked however the shield can break... at least you can bash and charge with this~

Honcho Hunter: 
	- Reduced spin-up time bonus to 10% (from 30%)
	- Increased health on kill to 50 (from 25)
	- Added 50 ammo on kill
	- Added no healing from medics whatsoever 

Wonder's Note: As a lone wolf, your job is to mop up the backlines and crush key targets with a hail of bullets.
And so we're going to be making sure you don't have to rely on medics to get anything done with this kit.

Heater's Spark Eater: 
	- Reduced the projectile lifetime duration to 0.5 seconds (from 2 seconds)

Wonder's Note: This will apply a very serious range cap to the spark eater, giving it about the same if not longer range
than the AA cannon.

7.62mm machine gun: 
	- Increased spread bonus to 50% (from 33%)

Wonder's Note: Helps with mid-range consistency and means you start doing more damage up close with the higher accuracy.
Should be enough of a buff to make this a solid and reliable minigun alternative.

Heavy Machine Gun: 
	- Now fires a tracer for every bullet fired 

Wonder's Note: Cosmetic change, provides a more interesting visual experience 

Arisaka Assault: 
	- Reduced reload time by 20%
	- Reduced spread by ~37.5%

Wonder's Note: Gun kinda needs help so here's the help it gets, much better accuracy and faster reloading

BEEG Boris: 
	- Removed 

Wonder's Note: FINALLY we can get rid of this stupid hack-job shitpost looking thing, no more.

Reagy's Note: RIP.

Czech Cannon: 
	- Removed 

Wonder's Note: Too much mobility! we only need ONE mobility secondary on heavy and this one was overkill (and of lower quality).

Reagy's Note: I never got why this was added in the first place...

Saratov Survivalist: 
	- Added 50% faster draw time 
	- Removed fire rate penalty 
	- Removed reduced healing from medics

Wonder's Note: Super fast speedy little shotgun go brr

	- Added back the small healthpack penalty 

Wonder's Note: People are arguing the bergur is superior to the sandvich so uh.. yea right.

Geared-up Ghost: 
	- Removed ammo bonus
	- Increased health regen to 6 per second (from 4)

Wonder's Note: Due to how the W.A.L.L works, passive max primary ammo bonuses are a no-go now.
Plus the ammo backpack kinda obsoletes this so it's time for some little tweaks to shift this thing's purpose to survivability.

Eviction Notice: 
	- Removed crits on kill
	- Reduced fire rate bonus to 40% (from 45%)
	- Added 3 seconds of speed boost on hit 

Wonder's Note: Alright no more goofy ahh KGB GRU hybrid, time for the real deal.
Now this is going to be fun, let's see how this rolls.

Hydraulic Hammers: 
	- Removed 25% damage resistance while active
	- Removed 50% sentry damage resistance
	- Re-added deflect on melee hits
	- Re-added damage bonus
	- Added no random crits
	- Increased fire rate penalty to 50% (from 25%)

Wonder's Note: With the changes done to tank duty and other stuff, I feel more confident re-instating deflect on punches.
Should be able to be more tolerable especially with no extra resistances and a slower fire rate.

	:: Engineer ::

Storage Backpack: 
	- Reworked and moved to heavy 

Wonder's Note: Yea no we don't want to encourage engineer stacking or anything to build nests easier.. so it's gone off engineer.
Heavy however, can enjoy a fresh new secondary that allows him to top up his ammo as he adventures into the land of killing.

Reagy's Note: I was the one pushing to make this drop ammo boxes, both Wonder and Clue didn't want to have engineer get that
ability so its on Heavy now. He'll likely need it the most anyway.

Tinkerer's Tetra-Shot: 
	- Increased delay between bursts by ~20%
	- Now has to reload after 4 bursts 

Wonder's Note: Yea we can do this now, decent nerf to this thing too so should keep it in check.

	- Removed 

Wonder's Note: Very generic revolver and we have a much higher quality one too, so no more need for this!

Augmentation: Brain Hack: 
	- Removed 

Wonder's Note: This was more of a low-effort shitpost and was inevitably going to be short-lived..
So yea, out it goes.

Reagy's Note: Brain Power ran out of power. Brain smooth now.

Fly Boy: 
	- Removed provide on active
	- Removed fall damage hurts enemies 
	- Added ability to be incapable of building teleporters
	- Added ability to be incapable of upgrade buildings

Wonder's Note: Alright, time for this thing to get what it has long since deserved. 
Shoulda done this sooner but oh well I suppose.

Augmentation Mann-Power: 
	- Acquired move speed and switch speed bonus from visual aid (which is being removed) 

Wonder's Note: A simple merge, nothing special.

	- Increased damage by 20%

Wonder's Note: Doesn't affect breakpoints on light classes and medic but does on demo and above.
Still can't one mag a heavy though.

Geared-Up Ghost: 
	- Removed 50 metal bonus 
	- Replaced primary ammo bonus with +10 extra health 

Wonder's Note: Bad ghost, no have bonus metal or ammo, cringe.

Reagy's Note: Not sure if this will even get anymore use at all, but we'll see.

Heavy Support: 
	- Removed

Wonder's Note: We don't need a third level 3 sentry alternative, there's basically nothing you can do gameplay-wise to diversity sentries.
So yea, no more super ugly sentry...

Texas Strongmann: 
	- Removed non-functional repair rate penalty 

Wonder's Note: Due to some weird jargon, this actually didn't work because it wasn't set up properly.
Doesn't matter anyway.

Reagy's Note: sorce.

Construction Expert: 
	- Removed faster build rate 

Wonder's Note: Doesn't need it, simple as.

Reagy's Note: Questionable, but see how it goes.

Ironclad Construction: 
	- Removed damage bonus vs buildings 

Wonder's Note: It was murdering sappers almost instantly, rendering spy pretty much useless on Ironclad sentries.
So uh.. yea no more of that.

	- Removed building damage bonus
	- Added 25% faster fire rate
	- Added 50% reduced repair rate 

Wonder's Note: Alright let's get this thing a new coat of paint because goddamn this thing is dumb.
So let's see how this goes, yea?

Reagy's Note: Fire rate bonus will essentially give it the same effect as the building damage bonus, without causing the odd bug where
damage isn't passed to sappers on the other teleporter.

PDA: Remote Signal: 
	- Removed 

Wonder's Note: Really dumb gimmicky PDA that served to annoy people more than it was useful, let's not make one of these again.

Reagy's Note: I'm mixed on this as it did open up new ways to play engineer. Though granted, they were very selfish playstyles
that didn't blend into teamplay at all.

PDA: Pip-Boy 1950: 
	- Removed 

Wonder's Note: Battle engineer PDAs are dumb and we really shouldn't be encouraging people to full-send battle engineer.
Your team needs your buildings to win, so build actual buildings! 

PDA: Hardware Specialist: 
	- Partial revert to pre V6 state

Wonder's Note: Egh I hate working on engineer, such a paaiin guuuuuuuuh-
Anyway uh yea this exists now.

	:: Medic ::

Syringe Gun weapon class: 
	- Increased projectile speed by 33% 

Wonder's Note: A small buff to the default syringe gun (and doctor's self-care) to make it easier to land shots with them.
Enuff said.

Super Nail Gun: 
	- Removed 

Wonder's Note: Ehhh the TFC super nail gun doesn't work in this game on a balance level.. especially considering how busted it
turned out to be. So it's gone for now, maybe it'll return in a later update...

Reagy's Note: Been saying for a while it was too strong, glad to see this cut. Only way seeing it come back is potentially in one
of its old burst forms that we used to have.

	- Removed 

Wonder's Note: As an attempt to try and discourage battle medic, this syringe gun is also now going to kick the bucket.

	- Removed 

Wonder's Note: Basically a straight upgrade over the syringe guns, this thing serves no right to exist anymore.
Good effort, but not worth having.

Reconstruction Syrup (Primary): 
	- Removed 

Wonder's Note: Jank execution of a bad concept, should've never attempted.

Reagy's Note: Never really got this primary version in the first place, suspected it'd be on the cutting floor pretty early.

Doctor's Self-Care: 
	- Increased fire rate penalty to 35% (from 20%)

Wonder's Note: A small nerf to the self-care to reduce the healing DPS, making medic a little easier to kill.

Medical Administration: 
	- Reworked 

Wonder's Note: It now heals! however you hold half as many shots and the fire rate is incredibly slow..
Use with caution!

G.Ü.P. Gun: 
	- Removed damage penalty vs burning players 
	- Added 6 round burst 
	- Reduced reload speed 
	- Reduced projectile speed 

Wonder's Note: It's decent but I want to make it a tad better, this will do the trick.

All Medi-guns (minus Hydro Pump): 
	- Added 75% ubercharge rate reduction on overhealed patients 

This is meant to be a serious blow to pocketing since we don't want to encourage such a playstyle.

Bio-Waste Pump: 
	- Removed 

Wonder's Note: Clue gave up on this weapon which is fair enough, trying to port Moira Overwatch is not a clever idea.
It was riddled with bugs and fundamental balance issues and thus it is gone to never return!

Reagy's Note: Sad to see this go as it was a very unique item. Never know, might be something like it again in the
future but from the TF2C devs, few of them liked the concept.

Booster Shot: 
	- Added no overheal
	- Reduced healing rate to 67% (from 75%) 

Wonder's Note: Some tweaks to get this thing in check, nothing special for the most part.

Guardian Angel: 
	- Reduced ubercharge rate to 50% (from 66%)

Wonder's Note: Seems like this wasn't adjusted? weird. Let's adjust it now for real.

Healer's Shield: 
	- Removed 

Wonder's Note: Increasing medic's HP for a trade-off of move speed is stupid, medic doesn't need to become a tank.
Medic is better off escaping a situation for survivability instead of being able to take more hits but have less chance to run away.

Cut Above: 
	- Removed 

Wonder's Note: Not really ideal to be using considering getting a mini-crit and/or a crit boost on yourself doesn't serve much purpose.
And no, we won't toggle crit healing ever so don't ask about it.

Sensor Overloader: 
	- Removed 

Wonder's Note: A decent concept that was janky and buggy, it's core idea was transferred to the Blood Donor a while back.

Reconstruction Syrup: 
	- Replaced 2 seconds of ubercharge with 5 seconds of 50% improved healing form healers

Wonder's Note: Since Sniper got a melee that does the same thing, let's give medic this same kinda idea.
This will be kinda fun to see how it plays out since well.. it does help bail out your healing target sitll...

Heart Stopper: 
	- Removed damage vulnerability 
	- Added 33% health restore penalty

Wonder's Note: Considering the ubercharge rate nerfs heading into this update, this weapon copped quite an indirect nerf.
So now we're going to reduce the risk of using this thing to make it more worthwhile and less endangering for the user.

	:: Sniper ::

Refer to the main bulk of this update page.
Those are the changes.

	:: Spy ::

Covert Operator:
	- Removed 

Wonder's Note: Really silly gun but was impossible to balance conceptually, so it's going away for good.

Your Darkest Nightmare: 
	- Removed 

Wonder's Note: Also a really silly gun but lost it's core concept due to a change of balance rules by Reagy.
And thus I refuse to salvage this as we have too many spy guns to choose from anyway
Peebee and Jay: 
	- Removed silent uncloak
	- Removed no damage fall-off
	- Added silent killer: no screams and no killfeed
	- Added ragdolls disintegrate on kill

Wonder's Note: Slight shift in power from cheap crap to something that's actually more stealthy. 
Silent decloak is a never again moment, so never ask for it's return.

Reagy's Note: Ask for it come back, do it.

Royal Flush: 
	- Increased building damage penalty 
	- Increased damage penalty 
	- Tripled card spread 

Wonder's Note: Kinda too strong in all honesty, these things need to stop being so nutty.
This should lower their effective range as well as make them less painful to go up against.

	- Added knockback on self

Wonder's Note: Yee now this giant gun can launch you lol.
There's gonna be some funny trickstabs with this, betting on that now.

Number 29: 
	- Completely reworked 

Wonder's Note: Old concept was a bit of a shitpost gimmick won't lie, so let's make this into something more unique.
This is now more of a dedicated gun-spy weapon, removing your ability to disguise completely for increased firepower~

Aimed Agent: 
	- Removed damage bonus 
	- Removed reload speed penalty 
	- Removed draw time penalty 

Wonder's Note: Tidying this thing up, deserves a serious nerf but also a slight re-balance in general.

Judge Death: 
	- Removed fire rate bonus 
	- Removed reload speed bonus

Wonder's Note: Completely unnecessary, this gun already does more damage as is.

Timely Demise: 
	- Reduced fuse time to 4 seconds (from 5)

Wonder's Note: People are noting that this takes too long to go off, resulting in it being pretty ineffective.
Now engineers will really have to defuse this before they kill the spy otherwise everything goes kabloowie.

Scarlet Rose: 
	- Removed 

Wonder's Note: Dumb melee weapon that has really awkward balance.. not bringing this back either.

Reagy's Note: yeeeeeesssssssss

Soul Stamper: 
	- Removed 

Wonder's Note: An interesting idea with a bad concept and execution, should never be re-tried.

Contract Killer: 
	- Removed silent uncloak 
	- Added increased melee range

Wonder's Note: Simple change to make it less bullshit but easier to use.

Unusual Unholy Reckoning: 
	- Added silent killer: no screams and no killfeed
	- Added ragdolls disintegrate on kill

Wonder's Note: Decided to go for a more stealth-style approach with this because why not

	- Reduced damage by ~40%
	- Increased swing speed by ~25% 

Wonder's Note: Yes let's give spy a direct upgrade over a regular melee weapon (despite the fact it can't backstab.)
Now this thing should be more oriented to anti-building usage instead...

	- Fixed an issue of where they were self-destructing too fast

Intermission (Temp reverted, refer to notes): 
	- Fixed an issue of where it was a one-time use item (it now recharges over time)
	- Added radar functionality that allows you to see enemies through walls in medium range
	- AoE sap properties have been adjusted:

	. sap duration increased by 50% (7.5 seconds from 5 seconds)
	. sap radius increased by ~16% (350 hammer units from 300)
	. no longer drains cloak from you or other spies
	. affects jump pads 
	. sentry guns take 66% less damage from you while sapped
	. anything that can destroy sappers can destroy the intermission
	. sap no longer able to go through walls

Wonder's Note: Intermission is now finally a properly usable sapper now! also gained the additional functionality of being a
hand-held radar! I'm very curious to see how people will go about using this...


	:: Civilian ::

	- Increased crit chance to the max 
	- Reduced damage by 50% 

Wonder's Note: Bit of a funny re-balance but makes the weapon less annoying as now it deals much less damage overall.

	- Complete rework

Wonder's Note: Oh boy time to introduce an alternative to the medkit for civ, more civ healing!
This is getting rather silly but hey civilian can now heal people so.. bazinga!

Chef Jenkins: 
	- Removed manual boost 

Wonder's Note: Complaints have come in that this weapon is now basically a straight upgrade due to the higher mobility
while still keeping civ's support utility, so no more manual boost! no mini-crits! no bitc- ahem.

Dead Mann's hand: 
	- Reduced damage by 25% 
	- Doubled spread

Wonder's Note: Too much damage for funny civ man, especially considering it's RNG.

	:: Miscellaneous ::

A whole dictionary's worth of QoL changes, let's see if you spot any!