I wish to give everyone a huge thanks for all the work that has been put into the project, and especially the players who have been enjoying our work. We hope you all continue to enjoy our silly little project and I hope to see you in-game soon!
~ Reagy - Project Lead

Thank you Technochips for the embedded server list ~

[ ⛄ The Warpath of Wonders ~ Smissmass Slaughter Update ⛄ ]

Okay, this is a bit more of an amusing update so let me explain what's about to go down.
This is a joint operation between me, NotClue and Raptor Dan.
The objective of this update is to fix and adjust a lot of stuff that we saw as necessary for fixing while also introducing some fresh new weapons that are of a higher quality than the others so far.
A true quality over quantity update, with less balance adjustments but more important adjustments at that.
I'll stop blabbing on now, get to reading those notes!
~ The One Of Wonders


Rifleman's Runt: 

- Doubled the range the gun can deal damage before fall-off occurs 
- Fixed an issue of where the reload animation would finish before ammo is added to the magazine

Wonder's Note: Yep, we're buffing this... by quite a good stretch, this will be scout's best mid-ranged gun now.

Hunter's Blunder: 

- Reduced bullets per shot bonus to 50% (from 60%)

Wonder's Note: While it doesn't sound that significant on paper, this does make the gun technically less accurate and
does affect your per-shot damage so you can't one shot light classes point blank anymore...

Last Laugh: 

- Increased spread by 225%
- Halved self-knockback when firing 

Wonder's Note: So I didn't just how accurate this really is, making it quite a monster in the mid-ranges as well.
So now it's only really usable in close range and you can't fling yourself as far as you could anymore.

Risky Razors: 

- Removed overheal penalty 

Wonder's Note: Just taking this off and we'll see how that changes it's use rate.



- Completely reworked 

Wonder's Note: Sorry Eminoma, but this ain't it... like at all, the entire concept you lot made is straight fucked.
So I decided to make an attempt to fix it, which sees it specialize in anti-heavy, anti-resistance and anti-building antics.

Moon Shot: 

- Reworked the weapon class from a Rocket Launcher to a Railgun 
- Adjusted gravity modifier back to where it originally was (moon gravity)

Wonder's Note: Explosive hitscan single-shot item with effectively pin-point accuracy, powerful at mid-long range but
isn't as good up close. This will be interesting to see in terms of use rates.

Gorey Gladiator: 

- Replaced the speed boost buff with haste 

Wonder's Note: Felt underwhelming and kinda needed some more assistance, so this will do the trick.
No when you activate your RAGE, you will be able to become quite the melee machine, long as that bleed keeps ticking.

Gauss Gun: 

- Added a range limit 
- Added projectiles explode when they reach their max range 

Wonder's Note: This is a bit interesting but yea now this weapon has a limited range and it has a lil' bit of splash
at that max range.

Barbarian's Blasting Bucket: 

- Consolidated the Ghost's benefits to this item
- Doubled the radius that a rocket can trigger the bucket's detonation

Wonder's Note: Felt like this was the secondary that needed something doing to it the most and so here we go.
Also went and made it easier to detonate the bucket with a rocket, let's see how that goes.

Trench Sweeper: 

- Increased damage penalty to 30% (from 20%)
- Increased fire rate penalty with reduced health by 50% 

Wonder's Note: There'll now be a more noticeable fire rate reduction as your health gets lower and your damage is now
identical to the stock shotgun (90 max), turning this into a true side-grade instead of an upgrade in most cases.

Ten-Gauge Terror: 

- Removed switch speed penalty 

Wonder's Note: Decided to take this off to try and make this weapon's gimmick work a bit faster but we'll see how that goes.


Flare Launcher: 

- Halved maximum range

Wonder's Note: People are literally only using this for the range so uh yea, time to lower it even more.
Now it's less than 9 meters of range... let's see if pyros start using other primaries now.

Titanium Torcher: 

- Added hitscan hulls 
- Removed afterburn duration penalty 

Wonder's Note: Some buffs to improve accuracy and make afterburn not useless, now this will be a formidable weapon.

Oil Baron's Caretaker: 

- Removed damage resistance from burning targets
- Removed flame spread penalty from a hotfix in 6.66
- Reduced afterburn damage penalty to 33% (from 67%)
- Reduced afterburn duration bonus to 20% (from 50%)

Wonder's Note: Some adjustments to a rather hastily put together flamethrower to give it a more defined purpose.

Combustible Consecrator: 

- Added 50% less damage taken from burning enemies while active
- Removed splash damage resistance

Wonder's Note: Felt this wasn't tanky enough so this should help that out, making setting the whole enemy team on fire
a safer endeavour overall, but the second you switch weapons you lose that durability benefit.


- Added 25% damage penalty against burning players 

Wonder's Note: Yea no this basically obsoleted the puff n' sting (flare gun combo) strat entirely due to it
doing 120 damage. Now you will have to use this shotgun as an opener instead of a finisher, it's also more
interesting that way don't you think?

Searing Sanctifier: 

- Consolidated the ghost's switch speed bonus to this item

Wonder's Note: Felt like the most sensible candidate for the ghost's switch speed bonus to consolidate to.

Buzz-killing Machine: 

- Now charges up a guaranteed critical hit after 10 afterburn ticks 
- Added critical hit life-steal 

Wonder's Note: Felt like this was the appropriate approach to making this melee weapon the highest damage
melee in the game while also not having that high damage available at all times, so now as long as you stay
alive, you can keep a hell of a swing in your back pocket.

Clean Sweep: 

- Updated to use the radial push-back that the Fishwhacker uses

Wonder's Note: Majro decided to modify the broom so it now uses an AoE push-back instead of the single-target one.
Fair enough I suppose.


Scottish Handshake: 

- Removed 

Wonder's Note: Edibles only really work on Heavy and thus I will be removing any edible that I feel like can't
justify it's place. It especially can't justify it on demoman who relies on having 2 primaries to get his stuff done.

Primed Directive: 

- Completely reworked from the ground up

Wonder's Note: This was a bit of a doozy but one I felt necessary to make this weapon shine as bright as it can.

Shogun Slayer: 

- Reduced the range of the Odachi by ~15% 
- Reduced the swing speed of the Odachi by ~400% 

Wonder's Note: The Odachi was a bit too functional for what it was supposed to be
(a weapon you use to start and end an engagement), now it's slower and can't reach as far as it once used to.

Scottish Steel: 

- Reduced the cooldown on the cannon to 10 seconds (from 15) 

Wonder's Note: Concerns of spam were kinda not met so I can safely bump this down a bit and see what happens.

Whiff of Olde Brimstone: 

- Consolidated the ghost's benefits to this item

Wonder's Note: This thing could use some love so I think it deserves the ghost's benefits the most out of all of demo's 

Caber Toss: 

- Increase recharge time to 4.2 seconds (from 3.3 seconds) 

Wonder's Note: Requested by Majro himself and many other people, you won't be able to spam these as often now


Brassline Brute: 

- Removed 

Wonder's Note: It was a good effort but I don't think a heavy melee subclass can actually work.
I will not be trying to make heavyknight again in the future, sorry to say.


- Removed 

Wonder's Note: Nails are broken janky pieces of shit and this thing's model was kinda cruddy (fair since it's from 2011)
So yea, this thing's going away and we won't be making a projectile minigun again until morale improves.

Tank Duty: 

- Removed 

Wonder's Note: Honestly, the WALL and the Sphere does Tank Duty's job in a more interesting and unique fashion.
This weapon is now a largely redundant and obsolete relic of a bygone era, so it's time to say goodbye to it.

Anti-Aircraft Cannon: 

- Removed explosive hitscan hull collision 
- Increased the base damage back to where it was in 2.1 (60 base damage) 
- Adjusted the visual recoil so it now applies consistently instead of randomly
- Added extremely minor self-knockback on firing to improve the feel of the weapon 
- Modified the mini-crit airborne enemies so it only counts for enemies launched by explosives or jump pads*
*it used to mini-crit anyone above the heavy regardless of how they got above the heavy 

Finally some serious adjustments to the AA Gun that make the weapon actually fun to fight against for a change...
It'll be much harder to hit direct hits with this weapon and you no longer get rewarded for being below an enemy.
Now it's more true to what it SHOULD have been instead of whatever mess it is currently in vanilla TF2C.

Heavy Machine Gun: 

- Increased move speed bonus while spun-up to 100% (from 85%)

Wonder's Note: Felt like this needs a small buff so I'm removing the move speed penalty while spun-up so movement is now
230 HU/s regardless of shooting or not.

Warsaw Fact: 

- Increased move speed while revved to 100% (from 80%)
- Added 3 seconds of haste on dealing damage with this weapon
- Added 20% move speed bonus
- Added negative vertical velocity on hit to prevent the chainsaw from launching people upward
- Added 75% reduced healing from medics 
- Increased spin-up time bonus to 33% (from 20%)
- Reduced damage by 25%

Wonder's Note: Alright time to see how this plays huh, your damage has been cut back by a fair bit but the haste boost
will make up for that lost damage if not even result in you dealing more damage than before.

Honcho Hunter: 

- Removed move speed bonus 
- Added dealing sustained damage with your primary marks enemies for death
- Reduced spread by 33%
- Increased ammo capacity by 50%
- Modified damage properties so it fires only 1 bullet per shot but deals more damage per bullet

Wonder's Note: Yep, we're going down this route of all things.. The Honcho Hunter now has the ability to provide some 
semblance of support outside of being used to flank and mow down unsuspecting enemies.

Flight-breaker Flakker: 

- Reduced spread by ~42%
- Reduced healing from medi-guns penalty to 25% (from 40%)

Wonder's Note: This weapon didn't feel powerful enough nor really had the ability to hold points as well as I would've
hoped it would. So now it can reach out noticeably further and can receive more healing.

Saratov Survivalist: 

- Consolidated the ghost's health regen to this item and increased the regen to 15 per second (from 6)

Wonder's Note: Also felt like this weapon could use some buffing so this consolidation will do it just fine.

Soviet Silencer: 

- Renamed to the Enforcer's Executioner
- Completely reworked the weapon 

Wonder's Note: This one has been left in the dust for so long that it has been literally un-changed for a whole year if
not more. Time to change that, keeping the high damage and raw power nature of this weapon but giving it some
new features that help it stand out.

Chekhov's Punch: 

- Removed hidden 65% melee range bonus 

Wonder's Note: Considering that this thing ate a huge buff in regards to miniguns, I'm taking a serious step and
stripping it's bonus range. That way a melee engagement with a Chekhov's punch heavy will always have them at a
disadvantage, posing a genuine risk to their absurd reward.


Tinkerer's Tetra-Shot: 

- Removed 

Wonder's Note: A decent concept but the overall weapon was low quality and the firearm now exists to replace this item.

Augmentation: External HUD:

- Consolidated the ghost's health increase to this item

Wonder's Note: This was going to go to the mann-power but after plenty of convincing, I decided to not bother.
This item could use it instead, to both buff turtling and any potential battle engineers using this item.

Augmentation: Spotter: 

- Added 25% movement speed reduction to enemies hit by this weapon 
- Increased projectile speed by 20%
- Added 10 metal returned on sentry kill

Wonder's Note: Felt a tad lacking in all fairness, so I wanted to buff this up a lil' bit to make it better.
So now it returns metal when your sentry gets kills and now has the utility of slowing down enemies you hit with it~

Protonium Ray-Caster: 

- Completely reworked 

Wonder's Note: I used some more brain cells and came up with a more ~intuitive~ and ~elusive~ design for this weapon.
Now it's basically an electric shotgun secondary that can be charged up to deal more damage with a tighter spread..


Medical Administration: 

- Removed uber rate bonus buff on dealing damage
- Added 1% ubercharge gained on dealing damage
- Added no passive health regen
- Reduced health on hit to 20 (from 30)*
- Increased fire rate by ~50%

Wonder's Note: This is an attempt to create a new version of Battle Medic that still requires you to heal your teammates
and  damage enemies to build up uber instead of using your medi-gun to build uber.
This battle medic philosophy is designed to have players make a choice over dealing damage or heal players
for different rewards.

*Heal rate modifies on medi-guns affect your healing you do to teammates when using this weapon 
or the other Battle Medic primary weapon


- Consolidated the ghost's heal rate buff to this item

Wonder's Note: Felt like it made the most sense to put it here as to give you a passive benefit since you lose uber duration.
Remember, this isn't a battle medic item... it's an uber-building tool.

Booster Shot: 

- Removed provide on active 
- Removed health drain 
- Removed ubercharge rate bonus
- Added 25% reduced medi gun beam range
- Move speed bonus is now replaced with move speed bonus while active
- Reduced the ubercharge duration to 15 seconds (from 30 seconds)
- Increased the heal rate bonus to 75% (from 67%)
- Increased the ubercharge rate penalty on overhealed patients to 75% (from 50%)

Wonder's Note: I want to keep the Booster Shot as the highest healing medi-gun we have, but it requires a lot of work.
And thus this has been a pretty extensive twiddling and fiddling to keep it fast-paced but also harder to build uber with.
Oh and the uber lasts half as long as a huge blow to this item as well.


Combat Rifle: 

- Increased damage by ~11%
- Increased visual recoil

Wonder's Note: This weapon got a bit stronger with the buffs but felt like it needed one final push to make it as stron gas
it needs to be. Now it does 20 bodyshot damage and 40 on headshots, the recoil increase is relatively minor but one
I did for consistency sake.


- Increased headshot damage by 50%
- Reduced hipfire spread by 20%
- Increased move speed while aimed/scoped by ~7%

Wonder's Note: This thing was sorta eh so it's time to fix it and make it as good as it needs to be.
It now deals a lot more headshot damage and is easier to hipfire with... and you can move faster while scoped in.

Executive's Dealbreaker: 

- Damage at long ranges reduced to 80 (from 100)

Wonder's Note: I really shouldn't have buffed this, I don't agree with any hitscan sniper primary being able to two-tap
soldiers at any range. So now you can't! You'll have to stick to medium ranges if you want to kill a soldier in 2 shots now.

SMG, Deep Dive and Lil' Mate: 

- Reduced base spread by ~12.5%
- Added 75% damage ramp-up property 

Wonder's Note: Something I wanted to do to help SMGs at a small bit and make them a bit deadlier overall.
Now they're really dangerous up close and will easily rip a hole through any class who wishes to CQC a sniper.

Lil' Mate: 

- Removed move speed penalty 
- Reduced switch speed penalty to 15% (from 20%)
- Reduced reload speed penalty to 33% (from 45%)

Wonder's Note: Some small buffs to improve this weapon, nothing much else to say here.

Madman's Mauser: 

- Added provide on active to prevent reload on kill applying to the primary weapons 

Wonder's Note: Whoops~ 

Corrosive Canister: 

- Added 5 health on hit 

Wonder's Note: You can now regenerate health from coating your enemies in corrosive gunk! very clever.

Alchemist's Acid-Wash: 

- Added 3 health regen from afterburn applied by this grenade 

Wonder's Note: Does what it says on the glass, health regen for lighting enemies on fire.. pretty neat if you ask me.


- Restored AoE 
- Initial impact damage has been increased tenfold (literally)

Wonder's Note: The Ants can now spread mark for death and bleed in a large area like they used to in the past..
Heebie jeebies! There's ants in your pants!


- Consolidated the ghost's health regen to this item and increased regen to 5 per second (from 3)

Wonder's Note: Felt like Moyai could use this to make people use it more and I think it will get used more now.


- Reworked to fit the supportive melee class 

Wonder's Note: Oh no I changed a stock weapon again how absolutely disasteroustrly scandolous! 
The Kukri will now provide damage resistance and health regen to a single teammate for 10 seconds, neat~

Slithering Shank: 

- Removed melee damage taken will be crits 

Wonder's Note: Yea it's a bit unnecessary since you can't even get the full benefit of your own hyper death mark.
So it'll just no longer have it.

Striker's Shank: 

- Reworked to fit the supportive melee class 

Wonder's Note: This knife will provide speed boosts to your allies for 5 seconds, pretty nice don't you think?
Now you can tell your friendly heavies to get their ass moving, faster!

Hack N' Slasher: 

- Reworked to fit the supportive melee class 

Wonder's Note: This absolute unit of a choppa will now provide mini-crits to your allies for 5 seconds, nasty~
This knife is certainly going to be quite a popular choice moving on forward if I had to place bets.


Tranquilizer Gun: 

- Fixed an issue of where it had no firing SFX

Wonder's Note: Unsure how long this has been broken for but now it's been fixed.

Aimed Agent: 

- Reduced visual recoil by ~33%
- Now deals 2x damage in close range 

Wonder's Note: Felt like the best way to make this the most damaging primary spy has in terms of per-shot was to do it 
through ramp-up, so close range engagements will usually be devastating with this hand cannon now.

Peebee and Jay: 

- Removed ragdoll vanishing on kill
- Increased damage by 20%

Wonder's Note: Doesn't make much sense in all honesty and the assassinator doesn't have it either, so it's gone


- Added killed targets don't make any noise 
- Reduced ammo penalty to 50% (from 75%)
- Doubled the range this weapon can deal max damage before damage fall-off kicks in
- Removed hidden range cap
- Removed damage taken while disguised is mini-crits 

Wonder's Note: I may have made this a bit too weak before releasing it so it's time to make this a legitimate threat.
Now the weapon across the board is better, will people use it? well only one way to find out.

Judge Death: 

- Increased spread by 100% 

Wonder's Note: Should make this revolver harder to deal damage with past close range.

Whine Opener: 

- Added no crit damage against enemies affected by tranq 

Wonder's Note: This fixed a serious issue with the tranq gun and this item allowing you to get lots of health
for butter-knifing. Now you will either have to get a crit-boost or actually backstab someone to get that health.

Ballistic Knife: 

- Increased damage by ~5%
- Doubled the projectile gravity

Wonder's Note: This now opens up the ability for this item to 2 shot a soldier in the back, plus other antics.
Projectile gravity increase was done because it kinda felt like it was flying too straight for what it is...

Cutting Devotion: 

- Completely remade the weapon from scratch

Wonder's Note: I don't know why I decided to rework this, but this is the last time I do it... all or nothing.
This weapon is now more similiar to it's original version at the launch of 5.3.6, however with new downsides.


Positive Reinforcement: 

- Removed 

Wonder's Note: Reagy threw out this weapon in favour of the Postal Papers, which is fair enough if I have to be honest

Welfare Check: 

- Increased damage by 50% 

Wonder's Note: Funny darts now hurt, be careful and try and dodge them.


- Modified damage profile so it does increased damage up close and higher damage over range 

Wonder's Note: Prepare to start hitting some funny damage numbers, this is a decent buff that will put this gun 
back on the radar again.


Swindler's Sorcery: 

- Reduced damage by 33%

Wonder's Note: It was a bit too good at killing things in all honesty, so we'll be bringing it back down to focus
a bit more on healing.


- Increased reload speed by ~15%
- Increased fire rate by ~20%
- Reduced spread by ~50%
- Tripled reserve ammunition
- Halved visual recoil 
- Increased the capture rate penalty to -4 (from -2)

Wonder's Note: The Inquisitor felt extremely pathetic in comparison to civilian's other ranged options, so let's help it out.
With a bunch of tweaks, this should now be quite the mid-range menace that will give most players quite a headache...

Lord of the House: 

- Increased move speed increase buff duration to 15 seconds (from 5)

Wonder's Note: Hopefully this will be more useful but we'll see about that won't we?


- Updated to use the radial push-back that the Fishwhacker uses
- Added back strikes deal critical damage
- Added 29% damage penalty 

Wonder's Note: Majro has also gone and twiddled with his funny little.. rude gesture so it now has AoE push-back.
It also now crits when you slap people in the as- I mean bottom I mean back fuck-
To compensate, the damage in general has been reduced to ensure that the crit strike doesn't annihilate people.