I wish to give everyone a huge thanks for all the work that has been put into the project, and especially the players who have been enjoying our work. We hope you all continue to enjoy our silly little project and I hope to see you in-game soon!
~ Reagy - Project Lead

Thank you Technochips for the embedded server list ~

[ 🏢 The Warpath of Wonders ~ Contractual Killers: Under New Management 🏢 ]

'Tis now 2024 (yippee?) and thus it's time for our first update and HOOCHIE MAMA IT'S A BIG ONE!
We've added a whole shipment container load of weapons changed up plenty of currently existing ones and thrown out
the less desirable ones because that's what we do...
This is such a monumental sandbox shake-up that it's gonna take a long time to re-adjust to all the stuff you used to use
in the past, that is if you even want to put yourself up to such a task in the first place.
Without a further ado, you better get your glasses and some energy drinks because these notes are LOOOONG!
~ The One Of Wonders



- Reworked 

Wonder's Note: Vror decided to propose a rather amusing rework to the SPAS-12 that makes it more unique to other
shotguns we have currently, firing a rapid 2-shot burst with a slow delay between each burst.. 
Certainly seems like it could be a very amusing secondary now with an actual use case...


Scouting Striker: 

- Removed 

Wonder's Note: After careful inspection, hearing plenty of feedback and making my own judgement... it's gone.
Hitscan full-autos on scout really isn't a good idea in all hindsight...

Bostonian Bolter: 

- Significantly reduced spread 
- Remade damage profile to deal more damage the closer you are but much less damage at long range 
- Increased reload speed by 20%

Wonder's Note: This weapon was both strong and weak, for all the wrong reasons... and thus it's time to fix this.
Now it's more consistent over range but it's no longer a snipe demon either.. just.. balanced as it should be.

Speedster's Six-Shooter: 

- Reduced damage by ~7%
- Increased reload time by ~45%

Wonder's Note: Simple change to prevent this weapon from 2 shotting medics and snipers and makes it harder to get 
fast kills out to mid-range on light classes n' such, will still be very strong but not bonkers.

Hunter's Blunder: 

- Removed fire rate penalty 

Wonder's Note: Decided to remove the fire rate penalty as it would be a better way to buff this than touch the damage
profile and spread of this weapon, so it has a more definitive strength over stock up close but is still worse further away.

Rifleman's Runt: 

- Reworked the Runt Rifle 

Wonder's Note: Did some twiddling around to make this a bit easier to use but also more fair to play against in general.
Now it should be more fun but less devastating in the hands of good players while being easier to use for the average user.

.40 Dual Elites: 

- Increased spread penalty to 66% (from 33%)

Wonder's Note: These were becoming quite powerful recently (even I've been using them for my scout pubstomps teehee~).
So we're going to make them less accurate so that mid-range shredding will become harder to pull off.

Standard Issue: 

- Removed slower reload speed 
- Increased fire rate bonus to 15% (from 10%)
- Increased damage penalty to 35% (from 20%) 
- Added 15% spread penalty 

Wonder's Note: Vror suggested these changes to make this weapon no longer an easy pick over the stock pistol or other
secondaries. Now you have a real trade of damage output for healing with this pistol and the worse accuracy prevents
mid-range consistent healing.

Last Laugh: 

- Added 33% slower deploy time 

Wonder's Note: Decided to make this take a bit longer to pull out so it can't just meme combo someone quickly.
Should hopefully keep this thing in check but will have to keep an eye on it as time goes on...

Questionably Authentic Shååk: 

- Added 25 health on hit 

Wonder's Note: Sounds daft but the idea is that you can now do some burst healing with it while you escape.
Should now make this a fairly strong secondary without making it absurdly better than the other throwables either...


- Removed damage penalty 
- Added no random crits 

Wonder's Note: This weapon is kinda silly with the ABSURD fucking crit rate however keeping the damage penalty 
isn't necessarily fair either, so it now deals 35 damage per swing but can no longer randomly 2 tap 7/9 classes.


- Removed damage destroys sappers 
- Removed building damage bonus 
- Removed bonus afterburn damage 
- Removed damage penalty 
- Added mini-crits vs burning players 
- Added a 2-swing combo with a long cooldown between combos

Wonder's Note: Decided to turn this more into a self-sufficient sun-on-a-stick as it made zero sense for Scout to have 
a support melee for being a flanker.. So now this will be a rather potent melee for quick 1-2 combos.


- Replaced 20% explosion vulerability to 15% explosive direct hit vulnerability on active
- Removed damage bonus
- Added 30% deploy speed bonus
- Reduced swing rate penalty to 100% (from 150%)

Wonder's Note: The tweaks are pretty straight forward idea, reduce the forgiveness margin of the risk but make the risk
more forgiving as well, while also improving the reactivity to make spur-of-the-moment deflections much easier. 
The removed damage bonus means that this weapon can no longer be used offensively either, purely defensively. 

Un-Chained Fury: 

- Completely reworked the weapon from the ground up

Wonder's Note: Felt like this would be a great weapon to make use of the recently discovered melee wind-up mechanic 
and melee "strength" mechanic (a charge meter that dictates how much damage you do per swing). 
Now it's a fairly potent bat but it's not going to be much usable once you've drained your "strength".

Risky Razors: 

- Reduced healing from packs penalty from 50% (to 60%)

Wonder's Note: A small change to ensure that this weapon gets 100% health from packs when it's active.
So now you have the benefit of overhealing from packs as long as you manage your use of this weapon right.


- Added 25% primary ammo penalty 
- Added 20% secondary ammo penalty 
- Significantly reduced the knockback on hit this weapon deals

Wonder's Note: A nerf to this weapon to make equipping it more of an investment than just a free option.
It also does ONE extra damage to (50 from 49) to make things nice and tidy..


Gorey Gladiator, Centurion Command and Grail Knight: 

- Removed 

Wonder's Note: I had a talk with my dev team about soldierknight and demoknight... and well this was the result.
Soldierknight has been completely removed from the mod, demoknight will also see some nerfs as well so get ready for that.

BAR Fighter: 

- Decreased the damage at the furthest fall-off range by 50% 
- Increased spread by ~245%
- Increased self-knockback by ~67%

Wonder's Note: This weapon really became too easy and effective to use, basically out-classing sniper..
While I thought it was rather okay the community as a whole didn't and it took me too long to realize it was a genuine
issue. So now it's become harder to control, less accurate and nowhere near as strong over long ranges.

Bilbo-Baggin's Bazooka: 

- Completely reworked from the ground up

Wonder's Note: Kinda fell off a cliff after the range limit was removed and this whole diet coke beggar's wasn't working
either. So now it's an airshot machine, it has a lil' bit extra vertical launching force and airshots will obliterate just
about anyone... if you can hit them.

Combatant Directive: 

- Removed no damage fall-off 

Wonder's Note: I was recently informed that the no fall-off also applied to splash damage, which is kinda fucking cringe.
And thus this thing, which really never needed no fall-off to begin with, will no longer have it.


- Reduced self-blast damage while rocket jumping to 35% (from 70%)
- Reduced health from medics penalty to 40% (from 80%)

Wonder's Note: 2 simple tweaks to make this weapon a little less extreme on how it wants you to play in general.
Medics can heal you more efficiently however you're no longer with a completely free mobiliy and dueling weapon.

Aggressive Frontier: 

- Reduced damage penalty to 15% (from 20%)
- Enabled the ability to blast jump with it 

Wonder's Note: Pretty important if you ask me, so I decided to rip off this penalty to open up Soldier's movement
some more.

Gauss Gun: 

- Doubled the range limit 
- Moved back to secondary slot
- Reduced damage by 20%

Wonder's Note: Wow this thing fell off a cliff after the range limit addition... so we'll increase the range more.
This weapon is very good and i'm surprised many people don't use it, it can pack a mean punch with good aim..

Falconer's Rifle: 

- Rebalanced into the secondary slot 

Wonder's Note: Decided that I wanted to keep this weapon but I also wanted to crack down on Rifle soldier because
uhhhh yea. The Falconer's Rifle is now a high burst DPS weapon but suffers from low ammo and poor range.. a decent heavy
killer if you ask me.

Frag Grenade: 

- Added 15% bonus damage to buildings

Wonder's Note: Thought this would be an acceptable change to allow non-rocket Soldiers to have 
a better time handling buildings, 2 of these bad bois and any Engi building is as good as dead~


- Removed ammo penalty 
- Increased fire rate penalty to 30% (from 10%)
- Added 15% slower reload speed penalty

Wonder's Note: More Vror suggestions to lean this more into the airshot combo shotty it's intended to be.
Now it's going to be much worse than stock or the other shotguns for non-airshot stuff.

Crucible Long Sword and Brute Basher: 

- Removed 

Wonder's Note: As Soldierknight is now officially dead, these two melee weapons will be joining them in the booting.
The Twisted Blade and Iron will will see modifications to make them more appealing for regular Soldier.

Twisted Champion's Blade: 

- Removed move speed penalty 
- Added 15% damage vulnerability on wearer 
- Increased health regen to 10 per second (from 5)

Wonder's Note: Regular soldiers were making a lot of use out of the passive regen on the blade, while the speed penalty 
didn't really impact anything in particular. So now this weapon provides a passive risk for any soldier playstyle 
while still maintaining passive health regen.

Maggot Mutilator: 

- Reworked the weapon from the ground up

Wonder's Note: A long and complex conversation was had about how this should work, and we decided it's rework time~
I came up with a fresh new combat-oriented melee concept that could be very powerful if used correctly...

Grim Charger: 

- Added 30% faster deploy speed bonus 
- Replaced melee damage taken is mini-crit while active with mark for death while active (and 1.5 seconds after holstering)

Wonder's Note: Simple tweaks to further refine this weapon's purpose as a "hit once, put away" kind of weapon.
The MFD window means that there's a window of opportunity to punish the soldier for reloading all his guns in one hit.

Iron Will: 

- Completely reworked from the ground up

Wonder's Note: Decided to keep the Morality Boost of this weapon albiet with half the duration.
However now it works very similarly to the home-run, allowing you to fend off incoming projectiles albiet with a high risk
of you eating insane amounts of damage if you screw it up...


Solar Flare, Napalm Blaster & Spark Shower: 

- Added airblast functionality 

Wonder's Note: I finally got Noclue to get around to giving these weapons airblast! it's very straight forward
and uses your reserve ammo for the airblast.. nothing else to say here.

Solar Flare: 

- Removed blast jump capability 

Wonder's Note: This thing was already so stat-heavy that I had to shed some weight to add room for the airblast functionality.
So we're taking away it's movement benefits for the airblast.. fair trade if you ask me.

Oil Baron's Caretaker: 

- Reworked the weapon completely from the ground up

Wonder's Note: Decided that enough is enough, so it's time to give this a proper make-over and give it the original role 
of a damage flamethrower... So me and Vror came up with this idea to have a balanced but more amusing playstyle to Pyro.

Fourth-Degree Devastator: 

- Moved to secondary slot 

Wonder's Note: An incendiary shotgun can't really be balanced as a Primary weapon unless it has a very high fire rate..
Which this thing isn't designed to have.. so it's going in the secondary slot and will now serve as a decent option there.

Searing Sanctifier: 

- Now mini-crits instead of crits vs burning 
- Removed switch speed bonus 

Wonder's Note: Decided to lower this thing's damage so that now it's more in-line for it's crowd-control purposes.
This also gives a clearer positions for the Devastator to exist in a healthier internal balance.

Fire Axe: 

- Added 30% deploy speed bonus 
- Added 3 seconds of bleed 

Wonder's Note: While carefully analzying Pyro's melee arsenal, we came to the conclusion that the fire axe was just..
profoundly weak in comparison to everying surrounding it.. and therefore buffing it was a justifiable approach.
Now you can use it more offensively and apply some light bleed for even more Dot fuckery :)


- Removed deploy speed bonus 
- Removed fire rate penalty 
- Added 60% slower holster penalty 

Wonder's Note: This weapon was VERY dominant for a long time and needed someone more well-versed in melee balanced
(cough vror cough) to help me put this into a better position of where it's not just bonkers overpowered, hopefully we
will have achieved that.

Buzz-killing Machine: 

- Replaced melee damage taken is mini-crit on wearer to 33% slower deploy speed 

Wonder's Note: The best approach for this thing is to simply make it that Pyro has a longer time before they can swing
with this. But once they land that swing, the swing is still highly devastating.

Clean Sweep: 

- Removed faster move speed bonus 
- Removed faster weapon switch bonus 

Wonder's Note: Entirely unnecessary things on this weapon that really made it insanely free and overpowered to use.
So they're gone, and now the weapon is more focused on it's knockback like it should be.


- Reduced building damage bonus to 15% (from 175%)
- Added 10% fire rate penalty

Wonder's Note: A very harsh nerf that means this weapon will now always need 2 swings to break the regular sapper 
and it can no longer do so quickly either, meaning that Engineer is still better at removing sappers.


Knightly Honour:

- Removed

Reagy's Note: I ain't even going to attempt to fix what Wonder made of this, it conflicts with too much.

Scottish Steel:

- Removed fall damage deals damage to enemies you land on
- Removed health regen
- Reduced secondary ammo penalty to 50% (from 100%)

Wonder's Note: Alright it's time to reign in demoknight but also give them a tad more freedom in how they build their
loadouts. Now you CAN use secondaries with this plate armour but you will have less ammo for them... so choose wisely.

Ol' Brimstone: 

- Replaced damage penalty with 33% slower fire rate 
- Removed shattering grenades 
- Added 25% smaller blast radius

Wonder's Note: Decided to have a fiddle with this to make it easier to use but also not lose the vital 2-tap thresholds.
So now it's fairly strong and still retains a high rate of fire when slam-fire is engaged.

Primed Directive: 

- Now fires grenade projectiles that shatter on surfaces
- Removed damage penalty 

Wonder's Note: Something something bad design and was easy to dodge and/or counter.
Now it's a close-mid range powerhouse that can quickly blow apart a building nest in short order.


- Added 20% damage bonus 

Wonder's Note: I'm actually genuinely surprised this doesn't get used more, this thing has so much potential to be 
the best primary in the entire game if you don't miss.. must be some serious skill issues but w/e more damage it is.

Frag Master: 

- Reduced fire rate penalty to 33% (from 50%)

Wonder's Note: A small fire rate buff to help this thing be a bit more capable of crowd control..
Should make this a weapon worth running now, I suppose...


- Removed 20% damage bonus 
- Reduced reload speed by 10%

Wonder's Note: This weapon was by far demo's best primary to a rather unfair degree and even Raptor Dan admitted that 
this really didn't need the bonus damage, so it's lost it and should now be a bit more balanced..? hopefully.

Bobby's Bashin' Shield: 

- Reduced impact damage to 65 (from 90)

Wonder's Note: Decided that this thing needed to deal less impact damage because uhhh yea it was kinda cooked before.
I'm still going to destroy the whole server with this thing as a secondary, just not as easily anymore aha-

Airburst Rifle: 

- The explosive projectile now has damage fall-off 
- Reduced projectile speed by ~20%

Wonder's Note: I think we all know who got this thing nerfed, and rightfully so.
Now it can't 2 shot soldiers at all ranges... plus it's no longer super fast on the projectile speed

Bobby's Baton: 

- Added no random crits 

Wonder's Note: No more random chance to get full hp + 10% overheal on a single hit, nice.

Landsknecht's Long-Knife: 

- Removed health on hit 
- Added automatically charge on kill 
- Added crits become mini-crits 
- Increased the fire rate reduction with less health by ~55%

Wonder's Note: Some more twiddling to make this more unique but also not quite as powerful as before.
Take note that this uses your shield's charge meter for charging on kill, so maintain that thing well~


- Increased damage bonus to 20% (from 15%)
- Increased fire rate penalty to 20% (from 5%)

Wonder's Note: An effort to balance out this weapon's DPS but in a way that favours demoknight instead of regular demo.
So now there's less incentive to run this outside of a demoknight setup.

Trench Shank: 

- Reworked the weapon from the ground up

Wonder's Note: A long and complex conversation was had about how this should work, and we decided it's rework time~
I came up with a fresh new combat-oriented melee concept that could be very powerful if used correctly...

Blast Resort: 

- Added 60% slower deploy time penalty 
- Increased damage by 20%
- Increased blast radius by ~5%
- You now die instantly upon use

Wonder's Note: Fairly simple change, identical to the one live's caber got but not to the same extreme extent  


Warsaw Fact: 

- Removed

Wonder's Note: After careful evaluation and countless discussions about this weapon, I decided to hold one last talk with
my colleagues. We decided that it's finally this thing's turn to get shown the door... don't ask for it back.

Heavy Machine Gun: 

- Renamed to the Chaingun 
- Completely new visuals, animations and audio

Wonder's Note: I really wanted to separate this weapon from the NOWP so I decided to give it a complete make-over on
the visuals and audio. I hope you enjoy this re-made version of the weapon, because I love it~

Anti-Aircraft Cannon: 

- Increased max ammo capacity to 60 (from 40)
- Increased ramp-up damage by 20%
- Increased fire rate by ~9%

Wonder's Note: Another buff suggestion by Vror because he felt like it didn't do enough close range damage and 
ammo capacity to keep up with the stock minigun... 

Heater's Spark-Eater: 

- Increased max ammo capacity to 60 (from 40)

Wonder's Note: A buff to keep this consistent with the AA gun, that's all lol.

Oppressive Force: 

- Reduced spread by 33% 

Wonder's Note: TOO. FUGGEN. INACCURATE. Couldn't hit a bloody goddamn thing jesus christ...
Now it's actually capable of accurate fire in close-mid range and more reliable past mid-range...


- Reduced impact damage to 60 (from 90)
- Increased durability to 450 hp (from 300)
- Reduced knockback on charge impact by 33%

Wonder's Note: Decided to reduce the power of the charging impact damage to make this no longer deal high damage. 
This way, the W.A.L.L loses some damage capability but still maintains it's strengths in durability and burst movement.

Angarsk Ballista: 

- Increased fire rate by ~9%
- Increased max ammo capacity to 60 (from 40)

Wonder's Note: Surprised at how little this thing has been used, let alone how ineffective it appears to be.
Since the Anti-Aircraft Cannon is getting a fire rate buff, this can also have one too~

Assault Cannon: 

- Added 10% fire rate bonus 

Wonder's Note: Adding this back since this thing has fallen off and seems like it could use some help getting back up.
So now it's back to it's original, almost-perfectly-balanced state..

Iron Curtain: 

- Removed the 10% fire rate bonus 

Wonder's Note: Seemed like this fire rate bonus wasn't very necessary for this thing to be strong... so I'll be taking it off.
Now it should have a slightly more clear-cut role as an armour-piercing minigun and should be less effective against infantry.

Flight-Breaker Flakker: 

- Removed mini-crits for doing objectives
- Removed overheal penalty 
- Removed move speed penalty while spun-up
- Increased damage by ~12.5%

Wonder's Note: Decided to remove this thing's gimmick and just make it a more normal weapon, boring I know but honestly
I think this thing is more fun to use this way alongside with being just a more fair weapon..

Patashka Pounder: 

- Increased ramp-up multiplier to normal (1.5x)
- Increased fire rate by ~9%

Wonder's Note: The Pounder is suffering in close range due to it's low fire rate and DPS being lackluster.
Now this thing will be more menacing up close, offering very high damage that can destroy light classes in a single shot.


- Reworked electric bolt attack functionality to offer light crowd control instead of single-target damage 

Wonder's Note: Did some twiddling and tweaking here and there to make the Sphere focus it's damage output more into
chipping away at multiple enemies instead of shredding a single target, reducing it's raw DPS for some more support value.

Enforcer's Executioner: 

- Reduced damage bonus to 33% (from 67%)
- Increased spread penalty to 50% (from 44%)
- Fixed an issue of where the fall-off damage was twice as high as intended

Wonder's Note: This turned out to be quite a strong shotgun so it's time to dial it down a tad to ensure that it 
fulfills it's intended role without powercreeping the other secondary shotguns..

Dmitrov Demolisher:

- Added 25% slower deploy time penalty 

Wonder's Note: Decided to do this as a counter-measure for the Chekhov's buff to ensure that this thing's timing is tight.

Chekhov's Punch: 

- Replaced mini-crits on hit with 1.25 seconds of crits on hit
- Removed fire rate penalty
- Added 33% slower weapon switch

Wonder's Note: Decided to make it so that it uses full blown crits for the 2nd swing to allow for ONE crit shot or 
to have the funny SMASH animation with the chekhov's... because dopamine is good~

Killing Gloves of Boxing: 

- Removed fire rate penalty 
- Added 10% damange vulnerability while active 

Wonder's Note: Well this is pretty straight forward, you now take more damage when you try and go in for a kill to get a
crit-streak going. Simple enough if you ask me.

Gloves of Running Urgently: 

- Removed damage penalty 
- Removed self mark for death 
- Added -50 health penalty on wearer
- Added melee damage taken will crit on wearer 
- Added a wearable version to sign-post that a Heavy has the GRU equipped even when they're not active

Well, we'll see how this goes but this is no longer a free utility melee...


- Added 5% move speed penalty while active 

Wonder's Note: A simple change to make this weapon more defense-oriented and makes chasing enemies harder.
Simple as really.

Eviction Notice: 

- Reduced the move speed bonus to 10% (from 15%)
- Decreased damage penalty to 45% (from 50%)

Wonder's Note: Simple tweaks to move this away from the GRU's territory to something a bit more combat focused.
Now it deals about the same DPS as the stock bat and still gives you the hefty speed bonus for landing hits!


Jolly Rancher: 

- Reduced reload speed by 20%

Wonder's Note: Well I guess I don't have much of a choice but to make this reload slower to make it more fair to play
against... Shame, I really like the Rancher in the state it was before this nerf was applied to it...

Wonder's Note: 

Augmentation: Spotter: 

- Increased projectile speed by ~15%

Wonder's Note: Faster speed to make it easier to hit someone with it, rather straight forward..


- Removed visual recoil completely 
- Adjusted beam properties to and use hull hitboxes 
- Reduced magazine capacity by 67%

Wonder's Note: With these 2 changes, the Haymaker will now become a very strong and competitive secondary...
It'll be interesting to see how this thing will compete with the other strong secondaries engineer has..

Augmentation: Mann-Power: 

- Increased spread of Trench Gun by ~35%
- Reduced switch speed bonus to 15% (from 33%)

Wonder's Note: This has been a rather dominant secondary for quite some time so it's long overdue for reigning in.
So now it's less effective past close range and the shotgun fortnite hot-swap technique is less effective now too.

Fly Boy: 

- Replaced teleporters with jump pads 


Texas Strongmann: 

- Removed 

Wonder's Note: I don't think anyone will miss this tbh, it's had plenty of time to be funny and good.. but now..
It's both dead as a meme and weapon, so it's time to say goodbye to it... no more hyper-sexualized mercenaries.


Practitioner's Pride: 

- Completely reworked from the ground up*
*The old design for this weapon was re-purposed for a new weapon that's coming this update

Wonder's Note: Been thinking aobut syringe shotguns lately and Vror has convinced me to give them a crack, so I have.
There will be a new syringe shotgun as a baseline and this weapon will be an alternative to it.

G.Ü.P. Gun: 

- Removed burst-fire functionality 

Wonder's Note: Decided that this was a pretty bad idea and removed the burst function completely, now allowing players to
control their aim and fire rate better... So yay for more player freedom~

Forensic Fugitive: 

- Fixed an issue of where this would recharge the melee weapons with the charge meter 

Wonder's Note: A simple fix to ensure that the melees that use a charge meter (such as the Shock Therapy) don't
get their charge back faster than intended...

Medical Administration: 

- Added 50% uber duration penalty 
- Removed health regen penalty 

Wonder's Note: Decided to knock this down a peg in terms of uberchage up-time to make it not as effective
as a full-blown stock ubercharge, meaning it's now a more spur-of-the-moment type of uber instead.

Surgical Precision: 

- Increased health provided to teammates on hit to 65 (from 50)
- Increased uber duration to 10 seconds (from 8)
- Removed health regen penalty 
- Removed uber gain penalty 

Wonder's Note: Some buffs Vror suggested to make this not as dogshite as it is currently, but we're not fixing the hit
reg issue. Eminoma themselves would have to fix it unfortunately, so just do your best to make this work.


- Completely reworked the weapon from the ground up 

Wonder's Note: With some assistance, this weapon now fulfills it's original function and is now the kritzkrieg equivalent 
of the battle medic secondaries, providing a higher volume of fire and more general ease of use.. with some costs.

Medical Kit: 

- Now only provides 50% health on use 
- Reduced cooldown to 6 seconds (from 20 seconds) 
- Removed the ability to use ammo/payload/dispensers to replenish charge

Wonder's Note: Fiddled with this some more to give the Shock Therapy some breathing room in terms of being a
healing melee. Now the Med Kit can be used way more often but not as effectively as the Shock Therapy.

Heart Stopper: 

- Completely reworked this weapon from the ground up

Wonder's Note: Was very unhappy with how much of an unfixable concept this was, so I'm just going to re-do it completely.
Now it's a super-support melee in a sense, absolutely blasting enemies with a horrific amount of debuffs which will make them
rather easy to kill by you and your teammates if you land the hit! it still uses the charge mechanic and can still heal
however those are less important still.



- Removed 

Wonder's Note: Removed the Sniper's SPAS as the Hunter Killer is basically just a primary version of this weapon.
Plus you have the Buck's Banter which is basically the only secondary shotgun you'll ever need.. so yea.

Hunter Killer: 

- Increased spread by ~15%
- Added horizontal spread 
- Reduced fire rate by 20%

Wonder's Note: Decided to go this route to make getting effective mid-range use out of this weapon much harder.
Horizontal spread will improve close range consistency considerably but will greatly hard longer range damage output.

Executive's Dealbreaker: 

- Completely remade the weapon from the ground up

Wonder's Note: Decided to experiment with this being a "nerfed" stock sniper rifle, functioning identically to stock
but with crit fall-off and some damage adjustments to ensure that one shot capacity and ranges are kept in check.

Chimera Burst Rifle: 

- Increased delay between bursts by ~10%
- Reduced close range damage by ~25%

Wonder's Note: This weapon is VERY strong in the right hands and was capable of annihilating up close, even competing
with the Hunter Killer. So by increasing the delay between bursts, enemies will have more time to get their shots in before
you fire your next burst... and by lowering the damage up close, we remove some extremely powerful 2-burst thresholds to
make this no longer destroy everything.


- Increased range before damage fall-off occurs by ~115%
- Removed Prototype Electronics atribute property*
*you automatically unscope when firing while scoped

Wonder's Note: Decided to massively increase the range on this weapon so that it can 2 tap most classes out to a pretty 
impressive distance, should hopefully make it fairly strong in the same ranges as the Dealbreaker...

Advanced Archery: 

- Added faster fire rate and reload speed 
- Added resistance bypass

Wonder's Note: Decided to give this thing the fire rate and reload speed bonuses that the Modern Compound also uses.
Now we have a fast weapon capable of some fairly crazy headshots if you have the aim for them~

SMG Class weapons: 

- Removed the 75% bonus ramp-up damage they acquired in an earlier update

Wonder's Note: So this ended up backfiring on me a bit, didn't it? so it's time to get rid of this and make SMGs no longer 
fully outdamage Pyro... I don't think they'll need any more changes after this, so time to see what happens~

Lil' Mate: 

- Reversed the reserve ammo bonus into a penalty 

Wonder's Note: Decided to remove a mag of ammo from the reserves so it's now 50/50, meaning you have much less ammo
to work with. So reckless spraying of this weapon will now be punished, and you will have to conserve your ammo
more efficiently.

Madman's Mauser: 

- Reduced fire rate bonus to 30% (from 60%)

Wonder's Note: NOW BEFORE YOU SAY ANYTHING THIS IS ACTUALLY A BUFF! It's a buff because it now means
it actually fires slow enough for all shots to actually register... strange how that sounds but before it fired so fast
that the hit registration couldn't work properly for this weapon, reducing it's effectiveness.

Second-Hand Surgeon: 

- Increased fire rate by ~15% 

Wonder's Note: Decided that this weapon was perhaps over-nerfed and so I walked back the fire rate nerf from the previous
update partially. Now it should be more viable but not as strong as it was before the first nerf it got.


- Reduced damage penalty to -25% (from -45%)

Wonder's Note: Since the Kukri got the M2 ability and I don't feel like giving this one, we'll just make it do more damage!
Shrimple as that, now go whack those fish!


- Removed self-knockback on swing 

Wonder's Note: Yea people found out how to abuse the hell out of it and so now it's gone.

Tactician's Talibong: 

- Regen is now only on active instead of passive 
- Removed damage penalty 
- Increased health regen to 6 per second (from 5)

Wonder's Note: Now it's a bit more viable as a melee weapon but the health regen is no longer free...
Should now be a tad more interesting as you now have lingering mark for death if you want the regen.

Slithering Shank: 

- Added a triple slash combo instead of a regular single swing 

Wonder's Note: Now this is now you make a rather mundane melee not only strong, but more fun to use.
Now trying to engage a sniper in melee with this weapon will be pretty nasty, and you most likely won't survive either.

Striker's Shank: 

- Removed move speed bonus 
- Removed damage vulnerability 

Wonder's Note: Wanted to make this a tad more combat focused instead of a utility so we're stripping these off.
Now it's still a fairy potent knife but you won't be running at medic speed with it anymore.

Hack N' Slasher: 

- Reduced damage bonus to 25% (from 55%)
- Fixed an issue of where it wasn't actually swinging 25% slower than stock

Wonder's Note: Two nerfs to make this no longer one shot heavies and to make sure it fires at the correct swing speed.
Now it's slower to swing and it also now just deals much less damage, resulting in worse kill thresholds across the board.



- Removed melee damage taken is crits on wearer 

Wonder's Note: Completely unnecessary downside for what is a rather niche weapon.. You already suffer from just taking 
mini-crits while being disguised with this, melee attacks one-shotting you is pretty overkill if you ask me.

Assassin's Assailant: 

- Added damage taken while disguised are mini-crits 
- Added crits have damage fall-off

Wonder's Note: Added this downside so that it's standard across both this and the Assassinator.. plus it needed an extra
passive downside. So that should now make this a harder pick over the more conventional guns Spy has access to.

Aimed Agent: 

- Reduced ramp-up damage multiplier to 1.6x (from 2x) 
- Removed move speed penalty
- Changed headshots so that they now crit for 1.5x damage but have fall-off

Wonder's Note: Surprised people complain about how weak this thing is, because it genuinely destroys up close in the
right hands. To ensure that it doesn't get out of hand in the future, it now lost the ability to double-tap 175hp
classes in close range.

Number 29: 

- Removed extra hp bonus
- Removed health on kill
- Removed no disguising
- Removed damage bonus
- Added 3 seconds of mini-crits on kill
- Reduced visual recoil by 75%

Wonder's Note: A big series of changes to redefine this thing's purpose as a gun-spy oriented weapon..
Now it's no longer completely super-strong and one of the strongest spy weapons in the game, but still fairly good
if you know how to play with it and have the aim to land those mini-crit shots when you get them.

Operational Foxhounds: 

- Added every shot fires a tracer 
- Significantly reduced visual recoil
- Fixed an issue of where the spread penalty wasn't aligned with the revolver item class*
*this means it's now 33% more accurate than before 

Wonder's Note: Alright this thing was kinda left to rot so I came back and polished it up a lil' bit to make it better.
Now it has 2x the spread of the revolver instead of over 3.5x.. and it's no longer going to give you a lot of screen shake 
when firing either.. how lovely~


- Effectively removed all visual recoil when firing 

Wonder's Note: Just something to make this easier to shoot in general.

Royal Flush: 

- Completely reworked from the ground up

Wonder's Note: Me and Vror had a really goofy idea of just turning this into Genji's shurikans from overwatch..
So that's what we did! it now fires 3 cards in a short burst and is surprisingly potent at most ranges.

Cutting Devotion: 

- Increased move speed penalty to 10% (from 5%)

Wonder's Note: Makes it a little harder to get into backstabbing distance and makes the on-kill speed penalty more
impactful too.

Sacrifical Stake: 

- Removed all the downsides 
- Added 25% damage vulnerability on wearer 
- Increased cloak rate bonus to 25% (from 15%)

Wonder's Note: Carefully thought about how to handle this thing, and decided it'd be better to give a flat damage vuln 
instead of.. whatever we did before. And the cloak rate got a buff instead of the haste duration to ensure that Spy 
can't just run off 100% of the time due the haste's faster-than-scout speed boost.



- Removed 

Wonder's Note: World model was atrocious and this weapon was just kinda silly to begin with, we shouldn't be giving
silly Jenkins over there full-sized firearms! think of the damage to the brand it could do!


- Removed 

Wonder's Note: Obsolete and generally super unfun to use with no real justification to continue it's pitiful existence.
So off it goes! we have better weapons for ol' Jenkins now...

Dead Mann's Hand: 

- Removed 

Wonder's Note: Completely unnecessary item that is basically just filler at this point.
Civilian has access to way better items currently and this thing has no purpose it can be good at here.

Swindler's Sorcery: 

- Reduced healing on hit to 25 (from 50)
- Increased splash radius by 20%
- Added -50 health penalty 
- Added -5 less health regen penalty 

Wonder's Note: Alright, it's rebalance time for the cheeky gnome Jenkins! so let's explain what happened here.
You now heal less per shot but you have a larger healing radius at a cost of you losing a lot of durability and 
survivability in the process... so now the funny gnome should be easier to kill but easier to get value with..