:: F-A-Q ::

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Welcome to the general information and services page.
Here you will find a range of answers to some of the common questions we encounter.

:: General Questions ::

What is this?
- Welcome to the [ KNOCKOUT.CHAT :: SYSTEM INFORMATION INTERFACE ]. This site is intended to be a universal repository for all the items that are currently/were on the TF2 Classic Servers.

What is
- is a welcoming gaming and lifestyle community focused on the traditional messaging format called [ F O R U M S ], please feel free to check us out.
- is not affiliated with Eminoma nor is it part of TF2 Classic's development, this is a general gaming and lifestyle forum for all states and purposes.

How many additional weapons are there?
- a lot.

Can I get a number?
- no.

How do a make weapons?
- We would highly recommend checking New Old Weapons Pack on Gamebanana by SilentFox3. A full creation guide can be found on there.

How does this work, how is it different to custom weapons on TF2 Retail?
- The big difference is custom weapons within TF2 Classic are handled natively, meaning we have direct access to the loadout pages and all the weapons are handled like their vanilla counterparts.
- This means we can use any attribute that is found within TF2 Classic and apply it to our items without having to do complex server-side coding which is required on TF2 Retail.
- We are also expanding our contributor team to include users that will enable us to add additional functionality to our weapons.

Who works on this?
- The servers and the main project are managed and maintained by Reagy, below are a list of contributers (more can be found on the github which can be reached via the CODE BASE link).
-- One of Wonders - Weapon balancing.
-- Majro - Weapon creator.
-- Zadrave - Weapon creator.
-- Colrot - Weapon creator.
-- Mister Mann - Weapon creator.
-- Tangerine Paint - Weapon creator.
-- Grunt - Weapon creator.
-- Noclue - Sourcemod fuckery.
-- Azzy (goatball) - Sourcemod fuckery.

- Honorable mentions.
-- Kiri (SilentFox3) - Original creator of New Old Weapons Pack, the primary inspiration for these servers.
-- Fred - Creator of Fred's Fight Starters, we haven't kept many of their items but they're the more well rounded ones.
-- Shualdock - Creator of the original Civilian Weapons Pack, the original base for the majority of the Civilian weapons.

- Awesome, feel free to open an issue ticket on the GitHub with your FUNCTIONAL weapon.
- While it can be great being an ideas guy, we would rather people contribute working weapons that are within the bounds that can be done in TF2 Classic.
- If you want to discuss the weapons along with other players, our discord thread can be found on the official TF2 Classic discord under the #servers forum.
- We are always happy to see new faces and this is the primary place you will find the main contributors discussing.

- Awesome, again feel free to open an issue ticket on the GitHub or join our Discord server (link in the header).
- However, please structure your feedback in a fair and concise form e.g. according to the stats X is having a higher percentage of kills/I've found a bug with X, here is video proof.
- Going Y IS SHIT NERF!!!11 will get your ticket immediately closed.

Can I donate?
- no.
- Long answer: I don't require any monetary compensation for these servers as they pay for themselves from the other services I run off the same hardware.
- A lot of the assets are also in a grey zone when it comes to their release licenses, because of this I do not desire to monetize the servers at this time.
- I also don't like the feeling of having to give people something for their money, the service is free for anyone to use as long as they have TF2 Classic installed.