V6r6 Changelog


	:: Scout ::

Staple Burster - DISABLED (For removal)

Elimination Imperative - REWORK
	- Now a secondary weapon
	:: Demoman ::

Caber Toss - REWORK
	- Completely re-done the weapon's stats 

FLAK Cannon - BUFF 
	- Reduced spread

	:: Heavy ::

Flight-Breaker Flakker - NERF
	- Added 40% reduced healing from medics
	- Added no overheal from medics
	- Removed damage bonus and spread penalty stats that were display-only

Saratov Survivalist - BUFF
	- Significantly increased accuracy of the slug

	:: Spy ::

Unusual Unholy Reckoning - BUFF/NERF
	- Reduced disguise speed bonus to 40% (from 95%)
	- Reduced damage vulnerability to 33% (from 200%)

Number 29 - NERF
	- Removed 44% spread bonus


	V6r5 Changelog


	:: Soldier ::

Spitfire - BUFF
	- Removed splash damage penalty
	- Reduced splash radius penalty to 30% (from 40%)
	- Increased health on kill back to 40 (from 20)

Moon Shot - BUFF
	- Reduced self damage force penalty to 33% (from 80%)

Brut Basher - BUFF
	- Removed swing speed penalty

	:: PYRO ::

Titanium Torcher - SOFT REWORK
	- Reduced range and damage output for afterburn healing and damage resistance on hit

Solar Flare - BUFF
	- Removed spread penalty 

Napalm Blaster - BUFF
	- Improved projectile speed and range

Fourth Degree Devastator - BUFF
	- Removed fire rate penalty 
	- Increased max damage to 82 (from 64)
	- Applied heatsink penalty (50% less damage to burning players)
	- Increased spread

Spark Shower - BUFF
	- Increased range to match the Fourth Degree Devastator

	:: Demoman ::

	- Now fires actual projectiles instead of hitscan
	- Modified various properties of the weapon to compensate

Ultimatum - BUFF
	- Increased mark for death duration to 4 seconds (from 2)

All demoknight melees - NERF
	- Removed deflect projectiles on swing

	:: Heavy ::

Soviet Strength - BUFF
	- Increased damage at max range to 15 (from 10)
	- Minor decrease in spread

Flight-Breaker Flakker - SOFT REWORK
	- Now knocks airborne enemies out of the sky and grants mini-crits for partaking in objectives
	- Significant reduction to accuracy, damage output and mobility

Patashka Pounder - NERF
	- Reduced move speed and spin-up bonuses to 15% (from 25 and 20%)
	- Increased spread

	:: Engineer ::

Problem Solver - NERF
	- Increased spread

PDA: Hardware Specialist - NERF 
	- Removed build rate bonuses
	- Added 20% build rate penalty

	:: Sniper ::

Markman's Marker - DISABLED (for removal)

Viewfinder - REWORK
	- Merged Marksman's Marker into this weapon

	:: Spy ::

Unusual Unholy Reckoning - REWORK
	- Now an actual knife

Stalker's Walk - BUFF 
	- Removed damage vulnerability
	- Reduced cloak speed penalty


	V6r4 Changelog


	:: Multi-Class 	:: 
Bergur - BUFF
	- Now provides medium health pack healing when dropped (instead of small health pack)

	:: Scout ::

Thirst for Blood - DISABLED (for removal)

Jump-Action Shotgun - NERF
	- Added 34% clip size penalty

Risky Razors - BUFF
	- Removed splash penalty
	- Removed damage bonus 
	- Removed swing speed increase with less health
	- Increased swing speed penalty to 33% (from 20%)

	:: Soldier ::

Maniac's Burster - DISABLED (for removal)

BFG-9000 - DISABLED (for future rework)

Gauss Gun - NERF
	- Reduced damage per shot to 36 (from 40)
	- Increased spread

BAR Fighter - NERF
	- Can no longer headshot
	- Increased damage per shot to 36 (from 34)
	- Increased spread

Bigger Stick - BUFF
	- Reverted ammo reserve nerf (5 rockets - 10 rockets)

Combatant Directive - BUFF
	- Significantly increased the responsiveness of the tracking

Ten-Gauge Terror - REWORK
	- Now a secondary weapon with entirely new stats

Spitfire - REBALANCE
	- Removed fire rate, reload and clip size bonuses
	- Removed spread penalty 
	- Removed damage penalty
	- Added 40% reduced splash damage 
	- Reduced rocket jump damage reduction to 50% (from 80%)
	- Reduced health on kill to 20 (from 40)

Centurion Command - NERF 
	- Removed move speed bonus
	- Reduced capture rate value bonus to +1 (from +2)

Bilbo-Baggins' Bazooka - BUFF
	- Increased base damage to 80 (from 50)
	- Increased maximum damage to 115 (from 100)
	- Increased splash radius penalty to 40% (from 20%)

Moon-Shot - NERF
	- Reduced gravity to 50% (from 83%)
	- Removed splash damage bonus

Brute Basher - NERF 
	- Replaced crits on kill with mini-crits on kill

	:: Pyro ::

Makeshift Mutilator - DISABLED (for removal)

Beatophone - NERF
	- Modified damage profile completely
	- Removed hitscan hull properties

Ignition Charge - NERF 
	- Removed afterburn damage bonus

Fourth Degree Devastator - NERF 
	- Removed fire rate bonus at lower health
	- Reduced size of hitscan hulls by 50%
	- Reduced max damage to 64 (from 93)

	:: Demoman ::

Trench Breaker - DISABLED (for removal)

Frag-Master - REVERT 
	- Reverted partially back to it's v6 state (minus wearable and passive changes)

Scottish Steel - NERF 
	- Removed move speed bonus

Crown Crusher - NERF 
	- Reduced damage bonus to 45% (from 60%)
	- Reduced health on kill to 30 (from 50)

	:: Heavy ::

Cerberus - DISABLED (for removal)

Czech Cannon - DISABLED (for removal)

Soviet Strength - NERF 
	- Reduced hull radius to 0.2 HUs (since removing it might cause problems..)
	- Reduced visual recoil
	- Increased spread

Warsaw Fact - NERF
	- Reduced move speed bonus while spun-up to 80% (from 155%)

Heavy Machine Gun - MISC
	- Un-hidden all of it's stats

Patashka Pounder - BUFF
	- Added 25% move speed bonus while spun-up
	- Added 20% faster spin-up and spin-down time

Dmitrov Demolisher - BUFF 
	- Added 2-shot burst 
	- Added horizontal spread
	- Removed fire rate bonus
	- Fixed an issue of the ammo penalty not working

Hydraulic Hammers - NERF
	- Removed deflect on hit

	:: Engineer ::

Augmentation: Brain Hack - DISABLED (for removal)

Heavy Support - DISABLED (for removal)

PDA: Remote Signal - DISABLED (for removal)

Big Iron - BUFF
	- Reduced rate of fire penalty to 700% (from 1100%)
	- Reduced viewmodel kick when firing

Jolly Rancher - NERF
	- Removed no damage falloff
	- Adjusted spread slightly
	- Now displays stats

Tinkerer's Tetra-Shot - NERFED
	- Can no longer headshot
	- Increased spread

Problem Solver - BUFF 
	- Removed increased healing rate for yourself
	- Added 50% increased dispenser healing for everyone

Augmentation: External HUD - NERF
	- Reduced build speed bonuses across all 3 buildings 

Ironclad Construction - NERF 
	- Inverted Ironclad Sentry range bonus into a range penalty
	- Reduced the Ironclad Sentry's fire rate

PDA: Hardware Specialist - NERF
	- Reduced build speed bonuses across all 3 buildings
	- Removed repair rate bonus
	- Removed upgrade rate bonus
	- Reduced dispenser range bonus to 50% (from 75%)

PDA : Rush Order - BUFF..?
	- Now has the remote build ability

	:: Medic ::

Bio-Waste Pump - DISABLED (for removal)

Sensory Overloader - DISABLED (for removal)

Blood Donor - BUFF
	- Removed move speed penalty
	- Added 3 seconds of speed boost on hit
	- Increased swing speed penalty to 80% (from 50%)

	:: Spy ::

Time-Warp - DISABLED (for removal)

Contract Killer - BUFF 
	- Now applies outlines to enemies you hit

Cutting Devotion - NERF 
	- Now grants mini-crits on kill instead of crits
	- Reduced health on kill to 50 (from 100)

Operational Foxhounds - BUFF
	- Reduced spread from 50% to 15%

Aimed Agent - BUFF
	- Reduced viewmodel kick when firing


	V6 Changelog


	:: Multi-Class :: 

Brickhouse Beatdown:
	- Increased damage of the bricks by ~27%*
	*Heavy's bricks do a tiny bit more damage because he's just built different

Wonder's Note: Bricks did kinda feel underwhelming so now you can kill light classes with 2 bricks lol.
This should make them at least decent if not great.

Reagy's Note: In a future update, they'll be given unique models to make the distinct, Heavy's cinder block anyone?

Frying Pan: 
	- Removed from Scout
	- Replaced with Chef Jenkins on Civilian

Wonder's Note: What the actual?	Yea let's just give the melee that has a high crit chance the ability to delete demoknight.
Now scout lost the pan and Civilian got an entirely new weapon to replace the pan instead.

	- Now applies damage resistance and health regeneration for 10 seconds upon consumption
	- Healing reduced to 80 (from 120)
	- Modified dropped Bergurs give small health packs instead of medium health packs

Wonder's Note: Now that we have some attributes for edible items, time to have some fun with em.
Bergur gives you health over time alongside damage resistance at a cost of much less initial healing, neat.

	- Removed 

Wonder's Note: Nobody used these things and to be honest they're just bad design all around.
Nobody will miss these, I would hope anyway.

Extended Exterminator: 
	- Removed 

Wonder's Note: Long shotgun is dumb and I already have rules in place about banning shitty model hacks.
So out the window it goes, not like anyone will miss it anyway.

	:: Scout:: 

Timeless Terrorizer: 
	- Increased clip size penalty to 67% (from 50%)
	- Reverted fire rate penalty into a fire rate bonus
	- Increased reload speed bonus to 33% (from 15%)

Wonder's Note: This gun is supposed to function like a funny double barrel while also.. not being a break action.
So now it has a more aggressive burst-y playstyle, like how I wanted it to originally be.

Elimination Imperative: 
	- Added no random crits to the description
	- Increased fire rate by ~15%
	- Added moderate visual recoil

Wonder's Note: I kinda forgot that this weapon needs no random crits listing because it can't random crit.
Fire rate felt a bit lacking so I brought it up so it would feel a bit better.

	- Reworked from the ground up

Wonder's Note: Reagy proposed removing crits/mini-crits vs X/Y so every weapon that had this feature will no longer have it.
Sorry but I don't make the rules.

Staple Burster: 
	- Doubled ammo count
	- Increased damage by 50%
	- Granted perfect accuracy
	- Increased projectile speed by 15%
	- Reduced fire rate in the burst by ~50%
	- Now uses the burst fire attribute

Wonder's Note: This thing wasn't all that great so it's time to give it a lil boost.
More nails that hit harder.

Speedster's Six-Shooter: 
	- Fixed animation desync issues
	- Increased fire rate by ~10%
	- Added moderate visual recoil

Wonder's Note: It wasn't hitting hard enough IMO, so now it can slap a bit faster than before.

Ghetto Blaster: 
	- Removed

Wonder's Note: Reagy's idea was a good start but I don't like weapon at all anymore, it's very low quality.
So bye bye funny mac-10, you've been replaced by better weapons.

	- Removed 

Wonder's Note: It was a pretty neat weapon but eh it doesn't need to exist anymore to be honst.
RIP bozo packwatch.

	- Removed 

Wonder's Note: The changes to the civilian defensive boost has broken this weapon and considering that buff 
was this thing's main gimmick, out the door it goes.

	- Removed

Wonder's Note: Hitscan burst on scout is really weird and doesn't play well enough to keep.
Also the Staple Burster is the only burst gun you really need so have at that instead.

Boston Beatdown Blaster: 
	- Removed

Wonder's Note: Blagh, this thing is stupid and I don't like it anymore.
Scout has plenty enough scatterguns to be honest and this thing is just awful on all fronts.

	- Removed view punch on hit 
	- Reworked functionality to use the new throwable stuff

Wonder's Note: Slippery little shit got away in previous updates, but not this one!
Not much changed here to be honest but it feels a lot better already.

Meatshot Eater: 
	- Removed fire immunity on hit 

Wonder's Note: It's an alright secondary, go use it or something.

.40 Dual Elites: 
	- Removed damage resist bypass 

Wonder's Note: Very out-of-place on a weapon like this so out it goes.
That attribute should be used very sparingly considering it's a hard counter to tank subclasses now.

Express Coffee: 
	- Now causes you to move much faster for 5 seconds upon.. "eating"
	- Now gives only 36 health instead of 120
	- Now drops a small health kit instead of a medium one
	- Now has a pickup model

Wonder's Note: I thought it'd be a fun way to incorporate a speed boost item on scout that's not a passive boost.
We'll see how this goes though.

	- Replaced no afterburn dmg with a 300% afterburn dmg bonus
	- Added 75% afterburn duration penalty

Wonder's Note: Yea nah, this weapon was a pure utility item that basically is never worth using.
Now it can be a pretty surprising damage dealer and a decent support item for engineers.

Combat Pistol (Secondary and Melee): 
	- Removed 

Wonder's Note: Funny weapons but agh no need for them either.

	:: Soldier:: 

Ground W.A.S.P:
	- Removed

Wonder's Note: I'm curious if people will stop using the Original or RPG if I buff some rocket launchers.
So this will now be deleted for it is a terrible idea that goes against soldier's movement design.

Maniac's Burster: 
	- Reduced fire rate bonus to 70% (from 95%)
	- Reduced blast radius penalty to 25% (from 50%)
	- Removed rocket control 
	- Removed bonus projectile velocity
	- Removed bonus reload speed
	- Now fires 3-rocket bursts

Wonder's Note: Alright don't like this thing currently, time to give it something new to work with.
Now behold! one of the quirkiest and silliest primaries on soldier! I hope y'all have fun with it~

Rainmaker's Barrage: 
	- Removed

Wonder's Note: Alright y'know what this thing has had it's run, I've tried to rework it but what's the point.
It's a really dumb weapon that's only fun for the user and absolutely nobody else, bad design.

Marshall's Mortar:
	- Removed

Wonder's Note: Wasn't too happy with how jank this was so y'know what, it's gone.
The RPG is just a better version of this anyway...

Close Encounter: 
	- Minor increase in reload speed
	- Reduced pellet count to 16 (from 20)
	- Reduced spread penalty to 25% (from 33%)
	- Added strong visual recoil

Wonder's Note: Reigning in the Super Shotty so it's more usable and less reliant on one shots.
This weapon will no longer one shot pyros or demomen by the way, so be ready for that shake-up.

Chain of Command: 
	- Removed

Wonder's Note: This thing has been a problem child for too long now, calling it quits on this thing.
Out you go, don't let the door hit you on the way out!

Fortunate Son: 
	- Reduced fire rate by ~22%
	- Increased damage by ~45%
	- Added minor visual recoil

Wonder's Note: This AR just ain't feeling like it's doing enough damage, seriously.
So now with a higher stat bump it should be pretty deadly at most ranges you would be expected to use this at.

Screaming Eagle: 
	- Removed

Wonder's Note: Eh this thing was kinda neat but I feel like machine guns are actually a bad idea outside of heavy.
So yea no more machine gun for soldier, just a really dumb idea if I have to be honest.

Garand Slam: 
	- Removed 

Wonder's Note: This is a really dumb, annoying and cursed weapon that I'm sick to death of seeing now.
Reagy, we have Raptor Dan now, go grab an actual M1 garand and get Dan to animate it properly.

Reagy's Note: The man has done enough, let him enjoy his vacation!

Right Arm of the Free World: 
	- Replaced with the BAR Fighter 

Wonder's Note: This is honestly a really cool weapon and you should probably use it or something just saying.

Ten-Gauge Terror: 
	- Removed no damage fall-off
	- Removed spread bonus
	- Added significantly more visual recoil
	- Added mini-crit boost when playing the objective 

Wonder's Note: This thing is kinda just existing for now, not doing anything all too special.
So I decided why not make it more of an objective-focused item instead? so here you go.

	- Removed

Wonder's Note: We only need one manual control rocket launcher, this thing was just a direct upgrade.
Plus the Combatant Directive is a higher quality weapon overall.

Lakeside Pride: 
	- Removed

Wonder's Note: It doesn't need to exist on soldier when soldier literally has actual rocket launchers.
Seems extremely weird to give soldier an inferior rocket launcher??? Just my thoughts.

Displacer Cannon: 
	- Removed 

Wonder's Note: Congrats it's an even worse Bigger Stick that looks cool but is also not fitting of TF2's style at all.
I really should have cracked down of these things much sooner.

	- Granted it quake-inspired stats:

	New Stats:
		Direct hits have no damage fall-off
		+7% damage bonus
		+20% less blast damage from explosive jumps
		-12% blast radius
		-5% projectile speed 

Wonder's Note: As to keep somewhat consistent with our "no live weapons or reskins" rule, the quake primaries got some love.
Now they play kinda similar to how they would in an actual Quake game, cool right?

	- Removed provide on active
	- Removed no damage fall-off on direct hits
	- Removed bonus projectile speed
	- Reduced clip size bonus to 25% (from 50%)
	- Reduced damage penalty to 20% (from 35%)

Wonder's Note: Hrm yes STAT SYRUP	- Jokes aside I wanted to strip down some of these weapons that had too much going on.
It's better to have a weapon that has a clear design directive instead of it trying to do everything at once.

Bigger Stick: 
	- Removed damage bonus to buildings
	- Removed damage ramp-up
	- Halved total ammo
	- Decreased reload speed by ~70%

Wonder's Note: SKILL CANNON! I can somewhat finally return this weapon to how it once used to be, with a twist of course.
I'm very curious to see how people go about using this weapon now~

Gorey Gladiator:
	- Enabled the ability to launch yourself if you jump while casting the AoE ability
	- Increased health regen to 100 a second (from 80 a second)
	- Modified ability so only the RAGE mechanic can trigger mini-crits

Wonder's Note: People are kinda confused about this so I'll clarify, the regen is balanced around the IMMEDIATE regen.
The immediate regen is only 25% of the stated value on the item, also you can now launch yourself with this item.

Centurion Command: 
	- Increased health regen to 40 per second (from 15)
	- Added 5% move speed bonus
	- Increased AoE effect by 50% 
	- Enabled the ability to launch yourself if you jump while casting the AoE ability
	- Added the ability to gain health on AoE hits
	- Added +2 capture rate
	- Modified ability so only the STRATEGY mechanic can trigger mark for death

Wonder's Note: Centurion Command was designed to be a defensive powerhouse and it was failing miserably at the job.
Now it's a lot more tankier and you can be further away from enemies when you activate your support AoE ability.

Gauss Gun: 
	- Reworked into a primary weapon 

Wonder's Note: At Reagy's request, it also now does 50% more damage to compensate for being a primary.
..It's actually really good now if you can aim it.

Frag Grenade: 
	- Reduced damage by ~30%
	- You can now hold the fire button to cook them, reducing their fuse time

Wonder's Note: These frags now deal the same dmg as the whiff of olde brimstone bombs, which is a lot more acceptable.
Grenades should be items used to soften up enemies or finish low health enemies, not one shot light classes.

Second Amendment: 
	- Reworked A G A I N OH MY GOD 

Wonder's Note: Back to shotgun form I suppose, this is kinda annoying not gonna lie.
But it can also crit while airborne so watch out cuz it SCARY!

Brute Basher: 
	- Lowered the deploy and holster time penalties
	- Replaced the damage penalty with a damage bonus
	- Increased the fire rate penalty to 15% (from 10%)
	- Reduced self mark for death duration to 2 seconds (from 5 seconds)
	- Added 5% move speed bonus
	- Added 20 health on kill

Wonder's Note: This melee wasn't performing up to par at all, so I wanted to ensure it was used for Gladiator properly.
So now this would be a proper maggot mashing melee weapon!

Iron Will: 
	- Increased damage by ~25%
	- Doubled the duration of the damage resistance buff this item can grant to teammates
	- Increased heal on kill to 100 (from 25)

Wonder's Note: For a melee designed for Centurion Command, it also wasn't cutting it either.
Now this is more of a deadly weapon but more importantly a survival tool for both you and your allies.

Crucible Sword:
	- Removed damage bonus vs burning players
	- Reduced damage penalty to 20% (from 50%)

Wonder's Note: This attribute was causing very much un-wanted jank and was actually kinda terrifying.
So now it's gone soldier and demo's doom melee items.

Maggot Mutilator: 
	- Removed crits vs maggot mutilator and trench shank users

Wonder's Note: Reagy proposed removing crits/mini-crits vs X/Y so every weapon that had this feature will no longer have it.
Sorry but I don't make the rules.

Grim Charger: 
	- Completely reworked from the ground up
	New stats: 
		On kill: 2 seconds of crits 
		+20% damage bonus
		+40 health restored on kill
		Melee damage taken will mini-crit on active
		No random crits

Wonder's Note: Old charger was kinda messed so I wanted to refine it a tad bit, so here you go.
Something a bit different I suppose.

	:: Pyro :: 

Shaolin Sprayer: 
	- Removed

Wonder's Note: Rest in piss won't be missed

Stainless Scorcher: 
	- Increased accuracy by ~33%
	- Added increased pellet consistency to better emulate dragon's breath ammunition
	- Reduced damage by ~5%

Wonder's Note: I'm surprised this doesn't get used more because it actually is kinda good.
With these buffs this weapon is probably going to return to being a top-tier pyro weapon.

Burning Vengeance: 
	- Removed

Wonder's Note: This weapon has had it's run and to be honest I'm finally just gonna let it go.
Nice knowing you, funny shotgun, may we never meet again.

Ignition Charge: 
	- Increased damage by 33%

Wonder's Note: This thing isn't as good as I once thought it was, so it can have a damage boost to help it be better.

Malicious Multi-Tool: 
		- Increased damage by ~50%
		- Removed bleed on hit 
		- Increased range limit by ~50%
		- Added 5% move speed bonus 
		- Added 10 health on hit
		- Removed provide on active
		- Increased health on kill to 50 (from 25)
		- Added 5% move speed bonus
		- Increased fire rate penalty to 40% (from 20%)
		- Removed damage bonus vs burning players

Wonder's Note: These weapons were alright but not fantastic, so I decided to help them out a little bit.
The primary is now actually pretty deadly and the melee is also packing some mean punch.
The speed bonuses on each mean that when paired together you can be pretty speedy with the set.

Unusual Beatophone: 
	- Replaced mark for death on hit with a 5% damage vulnerability 
	- Minor increase in max range
	- Increased spread by ~20%
	- Increased damage by ~10%
	- Can now jump and crouch walk while playing music and/or firing the weapon

Wonder's Note: Yea this was too much of a glass cannon and the damage was a little lackluster.
So now you get a barely noticeable damage vulnerability and do a tiny bit more damage, plus improved consistency...?

Molotov Launcher: 
	- Removed 

Wonder's Note: It was a neat idea but it's so damned jank that I just have to remove it
Sorry Kiri, it's just business.


	- Removed
Wonder's Note: This thing is arguably the worst of the 3 fireball launchers, wasn't too happy with it.
Also Reagy doesn't like the model and it uses assets from a removed weapon so.. bye!

Magic Wand: 
	- Removed 

Wonder's Note: Can't get it to work natively and I'm not interested in getting to work via plugin.
It's a super niche idea that has no real value outside of a SINGULAR WEAPON.

Napalm Blaster:
	- Added a range cap to the projectile before it automatically explodes

Wonder's Note: These things can now have these back as a lot of attribute issues were fixed.

Solar Flare: 
	- Added a range cap to the projectile before it automatically explodes

Wonder's Note: These things can now have these back as a lot of attribute issues were fixed.

Household Blazer: 
	- Removed afterburn penalty 
	- Removed ammo penalty

Wonder's Note: Blah it really doesn't need it.

	- Removed

Wonder's Note: Well, it was an interesting idea but who would've guessed making a weapon designed around
buffing pyro's most annoying gameplay trait was an awful idea? 

	- Removed 

Wonder's Note: It really was a good effort Majro however... projectile spam weapons just don't work in TF2.
Be it engine issues and just the overall over-complication of using it... yea no this one's better gone.

Chemical Catastrophe:
	- Reduced damage penalty to 50% (from 90%)

Wonder's Note: Damage penalties don't need to be this harsh if I have to be honest with you.

Makeshift Mutilator: 
	- Reworked it from the ground up

	New stats: 
		When weapon is active:
			Homebrew Chemistry: This weapon deals mini-crit damage on successive hits
			On kill: 2 seconds of 100% critical chance 
			-90% afterburn duration
			-25% damage penalty
			no random critical hits

Wonder's Note: Alright this thing wasn't exactly anything special so let's try out something a bit.. amusing.
Yea it's basically a weirder version of the Phlog but I hope it should be more balanced than the actual Phlog.

Flare Launcher: 
	- Added the ability to set other pyros on fire

Wonder's Note: The addition of this attribute was designed for this weapon so.. yea.
Now it can actually have the attribute I suppose.

	- Increased it's damage by 7x 
	- Added a second shot

Wonder's Note: This weapon was more designed around being able to fire hitscan explosive rounds to easily do AoE ignites.
Clearly it needs more than just that to be used, so here have a pretty big damage bump to make it worth using.

Pilot Light: 
	- Removed

Wonder's Note: Eh this thing is quite a mess and there's better mobility tools for pyro
Now it's gone with the Afterburner, mere smoke in a rapid wind of change.

	- Removed 

Wonder's Note: Insanerator is just the better AoE ignition flare gun and is higher quality in general.
This thing is silly and very obsolete, cya later.

	- Removed damage bonus vs burning players
	- Increased health on hit on burning enemies to 20 (from 10)

Wonder's Note: Yes I have to remove this attribute from every weapon, it sucks.

Arsonists' Highlighter: 
	- Completely reworked the weapon into something entirely new 

Wonder's Note: Aight this is now a toxic grenade gun, how fun! don't you love chemical warfare!?!
So now you can pair this with the Chemical Catastrophe for a nasty medi-counter pyro playstyle.

Grimm Omen: 
	- Removed damage vulnerability
	- Reduced move speed bonus to 30% (from 33%)

Wonder's Note: People weren't using this thing all that much, probably because it makes pyro too fragile.
So now you just have to content with mark for death while it's active.

	- Reduced the extended melee range 
	- Removed holster bonus

Wonder's Note: This thing was hitting too far for what it actually is, so now it has a range more comparable to stock melee items.

	- Removed crits vs disguised and invis spies 
	- Applied buffs from Colrot 

Wonder's Note: Reagy proposed removing crits/mini-crits vs X/Y so every weapon that had this feature will no longer have it.
Sorry but I don't make the rules.

Buzz-Killing Machine: 
	- Added 3 seconds of bleed on hit
	- Removed mini-crits versus overhealed patients
	- Can now deflect projectiles and hitscan

Wonder's Note: Reagy proposed removing crits/mini-crits vs X/Y so every weapon that had this feature will no longer have it.
So now this weapon has some extra utility now I suppose, we'll see if people end up using this with non-airblast primaries.

	:: Demoman :: 

Scottish Steel: 
	- Added 10% move speed bonus
	- Removed sentry gun damage resistance
	- Removed non-functional airblast resistance
	- Removed health bonus
	- Reduced crit damage resistance to 25% (from 70%)

Wonder's Note: Time to clean up demoknight and make a more refined subclass, aye? sounds good.
Lotsa stuff here to throw out but the result is a much nicer gameplay experience.

Caber Toss: 
	- Reduced damage bonus to 15% (from 45%)
	- Removed blast radius penalty
	- Reduced projectile speed penalty to 10% (from 25%)

Wonder's Note: About time I got this thing nerfed eh? don't thank me for it this is not worthy of praise.
Either way gone are the days of demo one tapping light classes with this thing.

	- Added 3 seconds of mark for death on direct hits
	- Added 30% damage penalty

Wonder's Note: This weapon was originally designed by the modeler to be more of a support grenade launcher.
I think this will be a sufficeable way of humbling their original intentions.

	- Reduced damage bonus to 20% (from 35%)
	- Added 25% faster reload time bonus
	- Removed fire rate penalty

Wonder's Note: Felt like the Cyclops also should have light class one shot privilege revoked, with a lil' trade.
Now it has a faster overall fire rate and will still deal a decent amount of damage with each hit.

Trench Breaker: 
	- Reworked so it now fires a large spread of bullets, meaning that yes it's now a funny shotgun

Wonder's Note: I remembered that 40mm Canister Shot existed so.. yea here demoman now has a funny shotgun thing.

Bouncy Betty: 
	- Removed 

Wonder's Note: A rather silly gimmick that is completely mechanically broken against buildings, a key thing for demo to deal with.
Also this weapon completely goes against the sole purpose of using a pipe launcher to begin with, cya.

	- Granted it quake-inspired stats

	New Stats: 
		+20% damage bonus
		+25% max primary ammo
		-33% slower firing speed
		-20% projectile speed

Wonder's Note: I'm surprised at how Quake treated the grenade launcher.. no very well to put it lightly.
I had to do a lil bit of mixing of different Quake grenade launchers for this to work.

Drunkard's Wrath: 
	- Removed 

Wonder's Note: Low quality weapon with a very poor design that I will not bother improving.
Demo is already bad enough with his entire concept being spam, this thing is not needed.

Artisan's Artillery: 
	- Removed 

Wonder's Note: Neat model but I honestly can't think of a way to make it exist in an unique fashion.
Out ya go, and don't drop your bleeding pipes on the way out!

Combat Control: 
	- Reverted the weapon firing projectiles, going back to near perfectly accurate hitscan
	- Modified the functionality of it's firing sequence so it's no longer perfectly accurate 
	- Added knockback to yourself and improved knockback on enemies

Wonder's Note: Blegh yea I'll be honest having demoman on projectile only doesn't really make him all that fun.
Having some hitscan weapons here n' there is fine to be honst, I don't care what vror says.

	- Removed

Wonder's Note: Iunno why we keep this around but I'm throwing it out now on the justification of it legitimately
gives me traumatic memories so uh.. yea no I want to preserve my mental health thanks.

Quickiebomb Launcher: 
	- Removed 

Wonder's Note: Nope, I'm not making an exception for this thing in the "no live tf2 weapons" rule.
It's icky, yucky and awful and shouldn't exist.

Knightly Honour: 
	- Removed health bonus
	- Removed move speed bonus
	- Removed damage resistance on hit 
	- Added 3 varied resistances:
		50% fire resistance
		33% blast resistance
		15% bullet resistance

Wonder's Note: DEMOKNIGHT GAMING! It's time for some interesting things to happen so let's get to it, shall we?

Hell Barrier: 
	- Replaced NotClue's Charge with the TF2c Charge
	- Added 3 varied resistances:
		15% bullet resistance
		33% fire resistance
		15% blast resistance
	- Removed crit resistance

Wonder's Note: I wanted to do something a bit different for this, so here's what I did.
It's more of a hybrid-knight friendly shield if anything.

SLAM Blaster: 
	- Removed

Wonder's Note: Alright after trying to actually work with this for a good bit, I got nothing to save it with.
Nice knowing you, down syndrome stickybomb launcher.

Frag Master: 
	- Replaced health bonus with a 33% damage resistance
	- Reduced crit damage resistance to 20% (from 50%)
	- Reduced move speed penalty to 20% (from 25%)
	- Removed switch speed penalty
	- Reworked the crowd control launcher

Wonder's Note: This thing became pretty darn bad after it spent some time in the buff zone so it's time to buff it up a little.
Following new tank set standards as well as major tweaks to the weapon itself.

Big Ol' Bouncin' Betty:
	- Increased move speed penalty to 70% (from 25%)
	- Reduced damage by 10%

Wonder's Note: I really liked the silly ahh playstyle of using the brimstone to blast jump to throw this thing at people.
So now that's going to be the only real good way to use this bomb.

Primed Directive: 
	- Halved the max amount of bombs you can have active

Wonder's Note: Yea no you're not having 8 of these active at any time anymore.

	- Added standard demoknight melee projectile and hitscan parry ability

Wonder's Note: Decided to not only standardize heal on kill but also a new ability to deflect projectile and hitscan with timed strikes.
Might be something very amusing for the future of demoknight, we'll see how this plays out.

Marauder's Axe: 
	- Removed damage bonus vs burning players
	- Removed damage vulnerability
	- Reduced damage penalty to 10% (from 33%)
	- Added 35 health on kill
	- Added standard demoknight melee projectile and hitscan parry ability

Wonder's Note: People have discovered that this attribute is jank and leads to rather terrifying things happening.
So this attribute is going from both doom melee items.

Battle Axe: 
	- Removed mini-crits on hit
	- Reduced fire speed penalty to 5% (from 15%)
	- Added 30 health on kill
	- Added standard demoknight melee projectile and hitscan parry ability
	- Added increased fire rate with reduced health

Wonder's Note: A relatively minor buff to the Battle Axe, nothing too serious but gives it a little bit of it's old self back.

Crown Crusher:
	- Added 50 health on kill
	- Added standard demoknight melee projectile and hitscan parry ability
	- Removed mini-crits vs enemies with the damage resistance condition

Wonder's Note: As a new standard, every demoknight melee will now restore health on kill to help with sustainability.
Also no need for specific mini-crit bullcrap, it's a fuck'n hammer god dangit.

Landsknecht's Long-knife:
	- Added 30 health on kill
	- Added standard demoknight melee projectile and hitscan parry ability

Wonder's Note: As a new standard, every demoknight melee will now restore health on kill to help with sustainability.

Trench Shank: 
	- Removed crits vs trench shank and maggot mutilator users

Wonder's Note: Reagy proposed removing crits/mini-crits vs X/Y so every weapon that had this feature will no longer have it.
Sorry but I don't make the rules.

Unusual Tale Of Tragedy: 
	- Fixed invis on kill not working
	- Increased health on kill to 100 (from 50)
	- Removed mark for death on miss
	- Removed bonus melee range
	- Removed fire rate bonus

Wonder's Note: This sword was borked and I know why but it doesn't matter because with 2.1 I can do this properly now.
So yea, tragedy now possibly a scary sword again???

	:: Heavy ::

Arisaka Assault: 
	- Increased fire rate by ~40%
	- Redone damage profile
	- Increased spread to match the default Minigun

Wonder's Note: The new animations are cool but this gun is now just.. eh, not really how I want it to play out.
This way the gun should be more fitting of a typical machine gun role of just spray n' pray.

Flight-breaker Flakker: 
	- Reduced spread penalty to 50% (from 55%)
	- Added recoil from the Soviet Strength to this weapon

Wonder's Note: Still felt that the Flakker wasn't performing that well at mid-range.
Minor accuracy tweak should fix that, hopefully.

Assault Cannon: 
	- Added no damage ramp-up 
	- Reduced damage penalty to 10% (from 20%)
	- Can now jump while spun-up

Wonder's Note: Now this thing is pretty much TFC lol, good stuff.

Dirty Bomb: 
	- Can now jump while spun-up

Wonder's Note: Uh I got nothing smart to say here, just have it lol.

Heavy Machine Gun:
	- Can now jump while spun-up 
	- Can now crouch walk while spun-up

Wonder's Note: YEA MOBILITY! I mean it makes sense this is a pretty smol lil' minigun after all.
Plus it was designed to be a fairly aggressive weapon so movement is key.

7.62 machine gun: 
	- Redone the damage profile 
	- Reduced spread bonus to 33% (from 50%)

Wonder's Note: This thing was absolutely insane during finalization testing so I actually had to come nerf it.
Not really a major nerf like but this is just to make it a tad more balanced than it is currently.

Van De Graaf Wraff: 
	- Removed

Wonder's Note: Very amusing idea but the execution is poor and it's concept even more poor.
I'm just gonna cut my losses with it and sent it to the shadow realm.

Laika III: 
	- Removed 

Wonder's Note: Neat idea but in hindsight it's just a mess and I don't think it's a good idea for heavy.
Bye funny laser gun, don't return.

	- Removed

Wonder's Note: Also a neat idea but in hindsight it's just very annoying to play against and the most 
boring thing ever to use, so.. out you go too!

Soviet Strength: 
	- Completely re-done this weapon's functionality

Wonder's Note: It's time for a new version of this gun, one very fascinating.. one very.. lucrative.
Won't get into much detail but it's very... unique now.

Warsaw Fact: 
	- Can now jump while spun up
	- Removed move speed bonus
	- Reduced range by ~40%
	- Reduced move speed while spun-up so you no longer move faster when spun-up

Wonder's Note: This thing won't be needing the bonus move speed for sure, that much I can tell you.

	- Removed

Wonder's Note: I've decided that there is a thing called "too big to balance" and this is one of them.
Funny giant gun that can go brr can now officially go die in a hole.

Tank Duty: 
	- Removed infinite ammo
	- Removed hidden bullets per shot penalty from the hotfix
	- Minor increase in damage
	- Increased damage resistance to 50% (from 30%)
	- Lowered move speed penalty to 20% (from 30%)
	- Reduced crit damage resistance to 33% (from 50%)
	- Inverted 100 health bonus into a -100 health penalty
	- Added earthquake ability when you take fall damage

Wonder's Note: Alright this thing should now be in a decent spot, the hotfix nerf was sorta brutal on it.
Infinite ammo on a gun like this was kinda a mistake, so let's not do that again.

Slightly Immovable W.A.L.L: 
	- Removed 200 hp bonus
	- Removed health regen
	- Reduced healing from medics penalty to 30% (from 75%)
	- Reduced crit damage resistance to 30% (from 67%)
	- Increased damage resistance to 60% (from 50%)
	- Reduced move speed penalty to 40% (from 55%)
	- Can now "shoot" to trigger a hefty charge!

Wonder's Note: This thing has kinda gotten a bit absurd so it's time to cut it down a bit.
Now it should be more streamlined while still maintaining what makes it good.

	- Added the ability to knock yourself back when firing
	- Increased fire rate bonus to 33% (from 10%)
	- Reduced spread penalty to 33% (from 75%)
	- Reduced damage penalty to 25% (from 50%)
	- Removed bullets per shot bonus
	- Removed spin-up penalty

Wonder's Note: For some braindead reason Reagy wants to keep this weapon, so this is basically the best I can do for it.
This weapon really shouldn't be in the game I'll be honest with you.

Reagy's Note: haha gun goes brr

Heater's Spark Eater: 
	- Increased projectile spread by 50%
	- Added gravity to projectiles

Wonder's Note: This thing is actually in a pretty okay spot, but the reason for doing this in particular was to just..
Make the feel of the gun firing fireworks.. more realistic? it is technically a nerf but also not really.

Russian Rioter: 
	- Replaced with the Tactigatling

Wonder's Note: Alright it's time for me to give this thing a completely new coat of paint, cooking with heavy time!
Same kinda idea as before in terms of funny shotgun go brr, but done better.

Arms-Deal Armament: 
	- Significantly increased rate of fire on the primary shotgun
	- Increased spread on the primary shotgun
	- Removed health regen

Wonder's Note: Blagh it's way too slow lol, let's speed it up a lil' bit but also cut some accuracy as a trade-off.

Saratov Survivalist:
	- Turned spread penalty into spread bonus
	- Now fires slugs intead of pellets

Wonder's Note: When I realized this thing gets health on hit based on pellets, I knew what I had to do.
So now the weapon should still function like I want it to without the jank and inconsistent performance.

Baikal Boomstick: 
	- Replaced shoddy inconsistent knockback on hit with the new knockback on hit attribute
	- Added the ability to knock yourself back with this weapon when firing (shotgun jumping)

Wonder's Note: I understood a lot of people's pain when it came to this weapon but there wasn't anything we could do about it.
UNTIL NOW! thanks to the addition of the Twin-Barrel, this weapon can now just use that weapon's functionality for knockback.

Hydraulic Hammers: 
	- Added 25% damage resistance while active
	- Added the ability to deflect bullets with a swing and projectiles with a strikes
	- Reduced damage resistance to sentry bullets to 50% (from 85%)
	- Removed damage bonus

Wonder's Note: It felt like a given considering this thing is basically a weird version of the Fists of Steel
Now it has more utility as a defensive melee than it did beforehand, should be interesting.

	:: Engineer ::

Problem Solver:
	- Reduced dispenser healing bonus by ~67%
	- Dispenser healing bonus now only applies to you instead of being a global bonus
	- Reduced damage by ~15%
	- Increased fire rate by ~30%
	- Added double dispenser range

Wonder's Note: Yea this was kinda bonkers, so let's knock that down quite a peg.
Now it won't be as insanely powerful but it's still a good healing item.

Pneumatic Pulverizer:
	- Removed

Wonder's Note: Bah this thing is kinda blegh, so let's just get rid of it.
It's obsoleted by the Rust Valley Relic and the Problem Solver anyway.

Lead Spitter: 
	- Removed 

Wonder's Note: Problem solver is now the go-to for dispenser buffing, so I took the main gimmick off this thing 
and put it on that gun instead so no reason for this gun anymore.. bye!

Big Mean Mother Hubbard: 
	- Removed 

Wonder's Note: It was a nice idea however there isn't really a practical way to make it work like the Widowmaker.
Engineer doesn't need a weapon like this, at least not for now.

Nail Storm: 
	- Reworked to function more akin to an automatic shotgun

Wonder's Note: As cool as the previous concept was, the Rust Valley Relic already filled this thing's role.
So now it becomes a funny AA-12, have fun.

Storage Backpack: 
	- Added sentry gun kills provide metal
	- Reduced metal count bonus to 50 (from 100)
	- Added double secondary and misc ammo

Wonder's Note: Alright this thing kinda sucked so let's go about fixing it.
Sentries now give you free metal on kill and you have more ammo to work with but your have less metal.

Tinkerer's Tetra Shot: 
	- Reworked functionality
	- Added mini-crit headshots
	- Added refund ammo on hit 
	- Added 10 metal on kill

Wonder's Note: Well I decided to spice this thing up a tiny bit since I now have the ability to significantly up
this weapon's QoL so here you go, the COMPLETE Tinkerer's Tetra Shot.. prototype no more!

Texas Two-Step: 
	- Reworked from the ground up 

Wonder's Note: Yea no this is not a good idea and it's time for something new for this damned thing.
So I'll keep this rework a secret until release.. you'll have to play with it to see what happened to it~

Big Iron: 
	- Increased damage bonus to 300% (from 250%)
	- Reduced fire rate by ~33%
	- Reduced accuracy bonus to 10% (from 25%)
	- Added a TON of visual recoil
	- Now a primary weapon

Wonder's Note: With the new animations it really felt like this gun would benefit from being a higher damage, slower firing weapon.
So now it really is a big iron but you gotta time those shots, ranger.

Unusual Broken Mann's Legacy: 
	- Reworked the weapon and it's curse 

Wonder's Note: It was a pretty neat weapon but I wanted to make it more ~unusual~ to really make it stick out more.
Now this will be very interesting to see, perhaps.

Malicious Mac: 
	- Removed 

Wonder's Note: Nah, just get this thing outta here.
It's a waste of a secondary slot and it shares the same assets as the now-removed ghetto blaster.

Hann-D Rivet Gun: 
	- Removed 

Wonder's Note: RIP funny lil rivet gun, you served no real purpose anyway.

Texas Star: 
	- Removed 

Wonder's Note: I don't have anything smart for this weapon so.. it can go into the trash.
The Peacemaker will be a much better revolver gameplay-wise anyway.

Augmentation: Spy Hunter: 
	- Re-named to Augmentation: Spotter
	- Completely reworked 

Wonder's Note: Decided that I'm done with anti-spy hijinks so it's time for more fun stuff.
This augmentation will now allow you to have your sentry focus fire on any single person you hit with this weapon.

Heavy Support: 
	- Reduced construction speed boost penalty to 20% (from 40%)
	- Added 20% reduced sentry gun range
	- Reduced building cost by ~12.5%

Wonder's Note: Now that these sentries have reduced health, it feels like they take too long to set up.
So now you can get these Lucy-Charm sentries up at about the same speed as an Ironclad sentry.

Ironclad Construction: 
	- Added 15% increased sentry gun range 
	- Reduced sentry gun damage by 10%

Wonder's Note: Yea I felt like giving this sentry a minor range bump as it is a long range sentry gun.
Nothing else to say here though.

Construction Combuster: 
	- Removed 

Wonder's Note: Who would've guessed that making a wrench designed solely for killing people with on a class 
that shouldn't be in melee range to begin with was an awful idea? surely not.

Pip-boy 1950:
	- Reduced build speed penalty to 20% (from 33%)
	- Reduced repair rate penalty to 20% (from 80%)
	- Reduced upgrade rate penalty to 20% (from 60%)
	- Added 5 health regen
	- Removed health bonus

Wonder's Note: I get that this is an item for battle engi but christ it really murders any building potential.
Now it's a lot more reasonable to use in terms to building crap.

	:: Medic ::

Practitioner's Pride: 
	- Removed bleed on hit
	- Now marks for death instead of gaining mini-crits

Wonder's Note: This was more of an idea to make this weapon more usable as a self-defense and a support tool.

	- Removed

Wonder's Note: A bit rough but it was a clue suggestion so.. out it goes.

	- Removed

Wonder's Note: I don't think we need this anymore and I'll be honest I don't think medic needs a second shotgun...

Damage Control: 
	- Removed 

Wonder's Note: Sorry Colrot, we should have thought more on this one before adding it.

Right Arm of the Free World: 
	- Removed 

Wonder's Note: Finally built up the courage to get rid of this damned thing.
Medic doesn't need a Battle Rifle, nor an Assault Rifle, stick to SMGs and syringe guns!

Super Nail Gun: 
	- Replaced damage penalty with damage bonus
	- Replaced projectile speed bonus with projectile speed penalty
	- Added no ramp-up 
	- Added 2 ammo cost per shot
	- Added moderate visual recoil
	- Significantly reduced the ammo penalty
	- Added 5% fire rate penalty

Wonder's Note: Now that's 100% more TFC per TFC! we'll see how this works out in the end lol.

Geneva Proto-Kill: 
	- Removed 

Wonder's Note: Super Nail Gun does this thing's job but in a more fair and reasonable manner.
So this thing need no longer exist any further than it already has.

	- Re-named to the Medical Administration
	- Removed draw time penalty
	- Reduced reload speed penalty to 20% (from 33%)
	- Removed move speed penalty
	- Removed defense buff on hit 
	- Replaced ubercharge on hit with dealing damage gives medi-gun bonus ubercharge rate

Wonder's Note: Felt a bit too clunky considering it's actually not that good of a weapon, so this should help it a little I suppose.
Also no more ranged uber on hit, now it just buffs the ubercharge rate on medi-guns instead.

	- Modified to use the new burst fire attributes 

Wonder's Note: YEET alright now this is actually kinda neat.

Booster Shot: 
	- Added a 30 second ubercharge that provides crit heals and mini-crits to patients
	- Added no health regen while active
	- Added 40% ubercharge rate
	- Increased heal rate to 100% (from 70%)
	- Removed max healt penalty
	- Removed healing from medics penalty
	- Removed overheal bonus
	- Removed inability to gain ubercharge completely*
	*Only builds ubercharge on patients with no overheal

Wonder's Note: Alright this thing has been a bit of a doozy but honestly we're at a point of where I think this thing
will finally be good now! Or so I hope, this is one of my favorite medi-guns in the whole mod.

Guardian Angel: 
	- Removed Ubercharge rate bonus
	- Modified bubble properties, now lasts longer but blocks less damage
	- Modified bubble count to only 2 bubbles (50% uber cost per bubble)
	- Added 50% reduced overheal penalty

Wonder's Note: This thing is pretty damn strong so I wanted to see how two minor but important nerfs could affect it.
Hopefully it'll still be useful but not be as.. dominant as it was prior to this update.

	- Removed 

Wonder's Note: After careful consideration and thinking from me and NotClue, we have decided it's over for battle medic.
Promoting a playstyle that actively hurts Medic's strengths is the worst way to play medic, and so it's gone now.

Cut Above: 
	- Replaced marked for death while active with 5 seconds of mark for death on miss
	- Removed 50% draw time penalty

Wonder's Note: This is a risk-reward type melee and right now the risk is simply too high to use it for it's reward.
Now it should be in a better position of where good medics can use it defensively to save their asses from flankers.

Doctor's Omen: 
	- Removed 

Wonder's Note: This thing is just a terrible idea, both model and gameplay wise.
So no more stupid ring for medic, cya.

	- Removed

Wonder's Note: Also clue wanted to remove this and so out the door it goes as well.

Blood Donor: 
	- Added the actual life-steal attribute
	- Removed damage resistance on hit 

Wonder's Note: Since the VIP damage resist condition was changed to have regen, it had to go.
Now you can actually get 50 hp on hit and more importantly OVERHEAL with this item now.

	:: Sniper ::

Aberrant Atrocity: 
	- Removed

Wonder's Note: This weapon is so damned bad that it needed some serious help. 
So now it's gone! because it's a blight upon my wretched soul (lack there-of) and we can do better than this.

Ammo'd-Up Australian:
	- Removed

Wonder's Note: This weapon was kinda ridiculous even if the sniper rifles are kinda in a rough state right now.
Either way this thing is gone for good and let this be a lesson in basic subclass creation.

	- Removed

Wonder's Note: Once again we have a case of where a gun is simply TOO BIG TO BE BALANCED AROUND.
NO MORE GIANT SNIPER RIFLE and good riddance at that.

Jungle Predator: 
	- Removed 

Wonder's Note: Cool idea but it's janky and doesn't play all that well.
Nobody's gonna miss this crutch, right? right?? 

Reagy's Note: People used this?

Alternative Big Game Hunter: 
	- Removed 

Wonder's Note: Yea no this wasn't clever and I'm not gonna sugarcoat it, especially considering the stock sniper is back.
So yea we don't need this hunk of junk anymore, out you go!

Canberra Carbine: 
	- Removed headshot damage penalty 

Wonder's Note: Yea I've decided that we're gonna stop playing this game of nerfing sniper into oblivion.
It causes more trouble than it's worth, for real.

Right Arm of the Free World: 
	- Removed

Wonder's Note: And there goes the FAL completely.

	- Added high visual recoil on firing
	- Added pseudo-hitscan properties 
	- Added damage resist bypass
	- Removed damage bonus

Wonder's Note: Something something QoL changes blah blah ugh
Damage bonus is also now gone because apparently explosive bullets deal more damage now, weird.

Marksman's Marker: 
	- Added highlight enemy on hit
	- Increased mark for death duration to 5 seconds (from 3)
	- Removed fire rate bonus

Wonder's Note: This is a neat weapon but it needs some extra help in terms of fulfilling it's support role.
So this should hopefully help it out, I suppose.

County Killer: 
	- Replaced with the Outback Sharpshooter

Wonder's Note: I decided that since Raptor Dan gave it a viewmodel overhaul, I'm gonna assimilate it into my collection.
This should better fill out the automatic battle rifle role people wanted from sniper for a while without being... stupid.
We'll see I suppose but this thing won't be completely mad anymore.

Deep Dive: 
	- Removed crits vs disguised spies 

Wonder's Note: Reagy proposed removing crits/mini-crits vs X/Y so every weapon that had this feature will no longer have it.
Sorry but I don't make the rules.

Automatic Rifle: 
	- Added no damage ramp-up
	- Increased damage by ~12%

Wonder's Note: Boom, now basically 100% TFC accurate!

Hack n' Slasher: 
	- Added 15% increased melee range
	- Added 10% slower draw time

Wonder's Note: It's a big knoif, aight? Honestly it's not in a bad spot right now but it could be a little better.

	:: Spy ::

	- Removed 

Wonder's Note: The revolver shotties were kinda jank so I wanted to make them more reliable and less poopy.
This one is being thrown out because Judge Death has the better model and does something more unique.

Judge Death: 
	- Removed bonus dmg at close range
	- Adjusted damage values to compensate
	- Fixed reload desync 

Wonder's Note: The revolver shotties were kinda jank so I wanted to make them more reliable and less poopy.
This should do the trick, methinks

Peebee and Jay: 
	- Increased damage penalty to 67% (from 50%)

Wonder's Note: This thing is a complete shitmelter currently and it's pumping out way too much damage.
Now it should be more in-line with other revolvers in terms of damage output.

	- Completely reworked to better fit the new animation set 

Wonder's Note: Oh boy this one's gonna be fun BULLET CASINGS EVERYWHERE BWAHAHAHA
It's gonna function pretty similar to how it did previously it's just the reload is different n' such

Royal Flush: 
	- Added 2 degrees projectile deviation
	- Added projectile arc
	- Lowered projectile speed by 20%

Wonder's Note: These things are incredibly annoying and painful to fight against, so it's time they got the civ treatment.
Now these will be less reliable over long ranges.

	- Removed 

Wonder's Note: Cool weapon but doesn't fit TF2 all that well, especially the look of it eugh.
Sorry Cyberpunk fans but it's going and not coming back.

Contract Killer: 
	- Reworked the whole weapon from the ground up
		New stats: 
		When weapon is active:
			This weapon cannot backstab
			+ Reduced decloak volume
			+ Mark an enemy for death on hit 
			50% faster weapon switch
			-70% damage penalty

Wonder's Note: One of the worst weapons ever made, now made into something a lot better, so lemme explain.
This version is designed to perform either a quick take-down using your gun or to mark a tanky enemy for your team.

	- Now applies 5 seconds of Toxin to enemies on hit
	- Removed tranq on hit

Wonder's Note: Felt like it would be appropriate and would help further distance this weapon from the Tranq gun.

Unusual Unholy Reckoning: 
	- Reworked to have new functionality

Wonder's Note: This was more so at reagy's request so uh, yea.

Your Darkest Nightmare:
	- Removed crits vs disguised spies
	- Removed draw time penalty

Wonder's Note: Reagy proposed removing crits/mini-crits vs X/Y so every weapon that had this feature will no longer have it.
Sorry but I don't make the rules.

Deagle Brand Deagle: 
	- Re-named to the Aimed Agent
	- Added massive visual recoil when firing
	- Replaced the spread bonus with a spread penalty

Wonder's Note: This thing is an absolute hand cannon and so I wanted to reflect on that with these changes.

Number 29: 
	- Added first shot while disgusied will deal mini-crit damage
	- Added moderate visual recoil when firing
	- Added take mini-crit damage while disguised 

Wonder's Note: I wanted this revolver to be about risk-reward since it's first inception.
With these tweaks it should hopefully fulfill that role quite well, but only time will tell.

Trap: Demolition Charge: 
	- Moved to Demoman as a Secondary weapon 
	- Reworked a slight bit to better suit Demoman

Wonder's Note: Alright I decided it's better to put this on Demo where it arguably belongs.
This thing will also no longer one shot all buildings (or most buildings) with a single C4 brick.
I'm curious to see how this ends up playing out.

High Noon: 
	- Replaced with the Pacificateur

Wonder's Note: How very interesting, I honestly don't know what to say to this..
It's a nifty little weapon all the same.

	- Removed 

Wonder's Note: Actually why does this thing exist? and more importantly literally only one person advocated for it's return.
Do not attempt to renegotiate this item's removal, we will NOT add it back.

Operation Foxhounds: 
	- Replaced reload speed penalty with a reload speed bonus
	- Removed damage resistance piercing 
	- Lowered damage by ~33% (20% damage penalty compared to stock)

Wonder's Note: Cool little guns but could use some tweaking to make them more balanced.
So here you go, foxhounds but not as egregious as before.

Whine Opener: 
	- Reworked via Colrot

Wonder's Note: With Majro's permission, Colrot reworked the Whine Opener to have closer functionality to the Kunai.
Very interesting I'll say, we'll see how this pans out.

Tactical Retreat: 
	- Removed 

Wonder's Note: New official spy watch basically does what this thing does so no need for it anymore.

Cloak and Dagger: 
	- Removed move speed penalty while cloaked 
	- Increased cloak drain on damage to 100% (from 20%)

Wonder's Note: Speed penalty while cloaked was stupid considering this thing doesn't really increase your cloak duration too much.
To better incentivise stealthy plays, you now lose all your cloak if you get hit.. watch out!

	- Increased cloak consumption rate to 2000% (from 500%)

Wonder's Note: Since the move speed cap was removed entirely, I have to adjust the duration of this cloak.
Now it's EVEN FASTER on both speed and cloak use rate.

Stalker's Walk: 
	- Removed hidden move speed bonus
	- Removed no healing from medics 

Wonder's Note: Didn't need either of these to be honest, so amma just throw em out.

Major's Mark: 
	- Combat knives now have the same melee delay as the regular spy knives
	- Reduced health bonus to 25 (from 50)
	- Reduced both ammo bonuses 50% to (from 150%)
	- Removed sapper health bonus 
	- Removed crit resistance

Wonder's Note: After doing gunspy without this vest for a while, I learnt that this vest brain-kills gunspy completely.
Now you will actually have to put skill into playing gunspy with this vest on to make it more effective, good luck.

	:: Civilian ::

Glory Kill:
	- Removed

Wonder's Note: Having thought upon this, it's better that this thing is just removed entirely.

Lord of the House: 
	- Now provides double move speed instead of crits 

Wonder's Note: Felt it would be interesting to give a super speed boost instead of crits.
Should lead to some interesting things happening, maybe.

Royal Flush: 
	- Lowered projectile speed by 20%

Wonder's Note: Just to make it more consistent with the Spy's Royal Flush changes.

	:: Miscellaneous ::

A whole dictionary's worth of QoL changes, let's see if you spot any!

Want to contribute to this project or know more about it?
Awesome, glad to hear you're interested!
Please refer to our FAQ page for more information: F-A-Q :: KNOCKOUT.CHAT ::

I wish to give everyone a huge thanks for all the work that has been put into the project, and especially the players who have been enjoying our work. We hope you all continue to enjoy our silly little project and I hope to see you in-game soon!
~ Reagy - Project Lead

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